10 Essential Revision Tips to Follow for GCSE EXAMS

10 Essential Revision Tips to Follow for GCSE EXAMS

Exams always create horror in the mind of the students as it creates tough competition among the students. It is always uncertain whether the students are able to perform wonderfully or will have to face unpredictable situations. Usually the idea is, that exams only determine the success of the students which is not always true. if any student is unable to perform well during exams due to some unfavorable circumstances then the students face an unexpected criticism from everyone. It seems as if failing in the exam is the culminating point of their career and will not give them any opportunity to achieve success in their life.

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Undoubtedly, exams are the parameters to test the comprehension skills of the students and take the students to the next level. It helps them to do self-analysis which later on assists them to improvise their skills in a particular subject. Achievement in exams can only occur due to firm determination, grit, and conviction of the students. It can only be achieved through proper planning and its execution because hard work is the key to success and there is no shortcut to achieving success. Here, best tutors in Brentwood are discussing some important revision tips to follow for GCSE Exams which would help the students to prepare unprecedently well for the exams.

  • Setting Time Table: It is mandatory for all the students to prepare a time table for themselves. It helps them to allot time to every activity important in their life along with utilizing maximum time in studies. It keeps a check on unproductive activities and sets a well-planned schedule for studies assisting them in achieving their target.

  • Time management: Making time table is not enough, in fact, it should be followed sincerely and religiously so that optimum benefit can be availed due to the setting of the time table. Wasting time in useless activities will not give them any benefit. It is important to follow the rules of time management as it enforces the students to work under a given time schedule.

  • Framing smart goals: Goals help them to understand their objectives behind any task. If you frame smart goals it becomes easy to achieve your target. Smart means specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

  • Focusing on weaker areas: It is important to do self-analysis and improvise the skills in a particular subject. The students should give special emphasis on the weak areas and try to overcome the problems. The difficult part of the subject can be discussed with friends, teachers, and seniors as it will help students to prepare well for the exam.

  • Yoga and meditation: It is a stress buster and helps the students to relieve themselves from anxiety and depression of scoring better in the exam. One should keep working to increase the concentration power to achieve the target. People who are successful in their life have a high power of concentration. Yoga and meditation improve the memory power and expand the concentration span of the students for big achievements.

  • Preparing notes of the important topics: It becomes difficult for the students to go through each and every line of the text during the exam time. It is better to prepare notes of the part in which the students feel that reading notes would be enough during exam time. It saves time and information can be retrieved faster at the time of revision. Pictures, graphs, flow charts, and diagrams can also be prepared for quick review.

  • Drill and practice: It has been said that practice makes a man perfect. Practice hard to clear your doubts. The students who are appearing for the GCSE exam should be well versed with the exam format and questions style to get through in the exam with a good score. It builds a strong foundation for success.

  • Learning through Group discussions and seminars: It is one of the best ways to prepare for your exams. Discussing in the group and attending seminar help the students to comprehend the concept which is often left out by the students thinking that is difficult to understand. It enriches the learning of the student by exploring the thoughts and ideas of others. It improves the communication and collaborative skills of the learners.

  • Learning through Technology: Students are exposed to the various latest technology which helps them to go in the depth of the subject content. Accessing various other techniques to learn is quite interesting. They become visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners to comprehend the concept.

  • Practice previous year papers: The students should practice previous year papers to understand the question format and the variety of questions available in the question paper. It helps the student to revise and practice the questions which are difficult to solve.

Last but not the least taking care of health is equally relevant. Taking nutritious and healthy food during exam days makes the students active and energetic.


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