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10 Funny Awards Ideas For Office Party

This is why employers never leave a chance to create a positive and healthy environment to be there. If you are one of them, hunting for the amazing funny award ideas for an office party, you have landed at the right place. Let us check it out in a detailed manner. 

  1. Best Tea Maker Award

An office is a place where we cannot live without having tea. Moreover, an office always comes up with an employee who can make the delicious tea not for her/himself but for the entire staff. Moreover, the best thing is that it can bring a smile on their face.  Do not forget to ask some questions while giving this award such as 

  • What is the best recipe to make good tea?

  • From where he/she learned to make delicious tea?

  • How does it feel when your colleagues appreciate you for making good tea? 

  1. Office Fashionistas Award

Moreover, wouldn't you love to reward a gift to the fashionistas of the office?  Moreover, it will encourage other people as well to come office being more nicely dressed up. An office is a place where we do a lot of work. Putting on nice clothes always make you happiest and feel good. 

Apart from it, this way also helps to create an incredible environment when people are nicely dressed up. You may award that office fashionista to enhance her confidence to the next level. Moreover, the environment could be the best if you such funny questions to the receiver such as 

  • What fashion tips you would like to give others?

  • From where you get that attitude to carry yourself so proudly? 

  • What is your fashion secret?

  1. Happiest Employee Ever Award 

We all get bored and tired of doing office work and need a break. Moreover, some employees are quite good at handling work and other things so nicely. They do not let pressure ruin their happiness. These employees deserve to get rewarded. You must appreciate them giving the “happiest employee” reward to appreciate their skills and motivate others to learn how to manage life and office both at the same time. And do not forget to question that 

  • What is the simplest way to stay happy?

  • How you handle office pressure?

  1. Always In Meeting Award 

Moreover, it could be the funniest award as well as the rewarding one. “Always In Meeting” award goes to the employee who keeps attending meetings back to back and has less time to be in office. This kind of award can really create a happy environment. Do ask questions while giving award such as 

  • Why do you keep attending so many meetings?

  • Do not you bore attending so many meetings in a day?

  1. Fitness Freak Award 

Have you thought that which employee is good at fitness? If there is one then one award must have titled as “Fitness Freak” and should be given to the health-conscious person. The best thing is that other people will also get motivated regarding their health. The question that you may ask is 

  • What is your fitness tip?

  • What you bring in your lunch?

  • Why you do not share your lunch with others?

  1. Office Parents Award 

Moreover, what is about Office Parents…? You might be thinking the same. Office Parents are employees who always care about their office and keep a close eye that everyone is happy in the office. Employees who match to this category deserve appreciation as well. You should reward them giving “office parents” titled trophy. Indeed, they are doing a good job at the forefront. You can light the enticement asking these questions such as 

  • What inspired you to be an office parent?

  • How do you feel about playing such a great responsibility?

  • Your message for the next office parents

  1. Angry Bird Award 

Moreover, this would count hilarious award indeed. “Angry Bird” tag’s entitled award will truly go with the employees who tend to get angry so often. This would be hilarious as well as give them a message to learn that how could they control this habit.

  1. The Early Bird Award 

Employees who generally come office within right time need to appreciate giving the “Early Bird” tag title. It will also give others a message that they should also come on time since time is precious. Make sure that the employer asks the question from the recipient feel upon receiving this award. What he/she does think about it?

  1. Pen Stealer Award 

Pen Stealer titled award can be given to the person who always keeps forgetting his/her own pen and go with others one. Of course, this award would be quite hilarious and the recipient will also feel crazy while receiving it. Saying would not wrong that entire atmosphere will become the happiest.

  1. Office DJ Award 

Moreover, this is the best award to give anyone. Office DJ is a title that should be given to the person who always prepares the music list for an office party or can add wonder to the office party. Moreover, an office party is nothing without a lot of fun, dance and music. And that is why office DJ entitled must be on the list.

You do not need to contemplate that way much that from where to get these awards since the option of Custom Awards is also available. You can share the details accordingly you want and the service provider will assist you accordingly. The professional prepare the trophy or award as per your requirements. They always believe in catering the best to you. It is time to place your order and reward your employees in a unique way, bringing a great smile on their face.


So, what are you waiting for? It is time to make your office party one level up choosing the best awards giving them a good title so that office evening could be wonderful. You may also think on your own funny titles. 



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