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What are Reviews?

Corporate brand reviews are the online opinions and comment that the audience provides on your website or at other platforms, about your services and business. Reviews depend upon how much they like your services how much they are satisfied with your services; they want to say something about your services.

But remember, as there are good and bad in everything, there must be some bad or negative reviews about your business. That’s not because your customers are unsatisfied with you or they have come across with a lousy experience regarding your services. Sometimes reviews are even fake, just to let down your corporate brand and business or show some negativity about your services, sometimes they pop up on your review site accidentally and sometimes they are just scam to reflect some negative image about your business.

Why Are Online Reviews Valuable?

Whether you’re liking it or not, your customers want to leave online reviews, and your prospective customers love them. Most of your new audience who come to review your business or wants to explore your business give a brief read to your reviews.  Some customers set their perspective upon reviews. It would be best if you were careful about how people reviewed your services how much they are liking your services and commenting on that.

Tips by Which You Can Get Positive Reviews

  1. It would help if you mentioned how much their honest reviews matters

If your customer is satisfied they will surely leave an honest review, you need to train your employees or the person tracking the reviews that whenever they got an honest review about your business just mentioned it to the customer that how much pleased you are and how much their comment matter to your business. You can do this by replying to their comment.

  1. Put review reminder on your site

You must get reviews from your customers; the more comfortable you make it for customers to write reviews, the possibility of reviews increases. It is effortless to remind your customers for reviews like you can add a pop-up reminder of ‘leave review about our services before leaving’ and by making your review area clear and prominent.

  1. Look for the right moments

Asking for review at the right time is all you need to practice, asking for a review at the wrong time might trigger customer and create chances of negative reviews. Some moments to remember when you can ask for a review

  1. After they found your service helpful.
  2. When they came back to repurchase your product.
  3. If they tag your brand in social media.
  1. Leave some positive motivation

You need to value your audience’s time and show them that their time is as valuable as yours. So for this, you need to give them some motivation like put some reward on leaving a comment like free vouchers for a coffee mug, or super deal meal for some restaurant.

  1. Send follow-ups reminder

You can send a reminder for reviews to your targeted audiences through emails and direct messages but kept this strictly in mind not to annoy or disturb them by doing it now and then.

  1. Get follow-up from those who leave positive comments

Remember your potential and positive users always keep them in mind and target them first when you are going to send a follow-up email or message.

  1. Get follow-up from those who leave negative comments

Ignoring your negative customer is not a good idea, you need to contact them as well, ask them the purpose of their negative comment, where they face problems, and what makes them leave a negative comment. Solve their problem and try to improve your services in that area.

  1. That’s how you can deal with negative comments
  1. Answer to your negative comment as soon as possible.
  2. Admit your mistakes.
  3. Give quick solutions to a customer’s problems.
  1. Ask questions about your services

Social media sites are the best platform to ask questions and get reviews about your services, look for the site most liked by your audience, and get feedback of your services and business’s performance.

  1. Make it a habit to thank your every customer

If someone takes time out to give feedback about your service, it’s your utmost duty to take out time for them and thank every single review, reply to negative reviews as well and ask the reason for their inconvenience.

  1. Sharing your positive reviews can help a lot

There must be several of positive and negative reviews, and you need to highlight positive comments and bring them at the front, by doing so you are encouraging other users to get to know about your services, this practice can also build user’s interest.

  1. Create a different platform for your users to leave reviews

Getting comments and reviews over only one platform is not a very good policy, you need to create your business account over different platforms so that your audience will praise your services on various platforms.

  1.  Make it easy to review through all devices

If you want to get comments and reviews make it easy for your audience to give feedback from anywhere through any device. Make your website as well as reviews section user friendly. 

  1.  Get to them after they made a purchase

After they are done purchasing your product, it’s time for you to go to them and ask them questions about your product, but keep this in mind that approaching your audience too quickly is not a good practice.

  1. Run camping of your products

The best way to market your product and get reviews is to run camping for your products. Use hashtags and promote your camping; this practice can bring positive comments for your business.

Summing up final thoughts

The best proof of your business success is comments and reviews from your audience. To get reviews and comments more efficiently you can follow the mention steps and polish the surface of your business.

Author Bio:

Dave Jones is a web content writer, and guest blogger, who offers content writing services to online business owners including SEO and Digital Marketing, Web designing and development, logo design, and corporate branding. If you need a reliable guest blogging or content writing service, contact Dave at

About DaveJones


Dave Jones is a web content writer, and guest blogger, who offers content writing services to online business owners including SEO and Digital Marketing, Website designing and development, logo design, and corporate branding. If you need a reliable guest blogging or content writing service, contact Dave at

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