3 Methods for Curing Dust Mite Allergies

3 Methods for Curing Dust Mite Allergies

Dust mites along with its waste are the leading culprit of asthma and allergies to some people all over the year. A few regular dust mite allergies symptoms are given below for your reference:

  • Coughing
  • Trouble breathing
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose

There are a high percentage of people suffer from the allergic reaction due to these tiny bugs. This type of allergy makes you feel an endless cold for 365 days a year. May be your house looks immaculately clean but a tiny invader can be the prime cause of the trouble-causing lurk.

It includes stray skin cells of human and can absorb air moisture too. Obviously they survive in the temperatures of 65o-84o Fahrenheit but widely thrive when the humidity in the air is relatively high.

There are many other problems too with this type of allergy too. It gets trapped in the deep fibres of the home textiles including upholstered furniture, curtains, bed linens and carpets. Most dust mites love to survive in the bedroom just because of the hidden cushy places.

What Are Primary Causes for Dust Mite Allergies?

Mites’ byproduct such as decaying bodies and their faeces leads to the occurrence of dust mite allergies. The proteins of the mite debris become the main culprit of the allergic reactions. Whenever the immune system gets subjected to the foreign invaders including debris of dust mite, it reacts immediately to develop antibodies.

As a result, you may experience the inflammatory response that severely affects the nasal passages and lungs. Continuous exposure to the triggering allergen can lead to the development of chronic inflammation associated with asthma. If you want to know to get rid of the dust mite allergens, then follow these 3 strategies for evicting allergy-inducing intruders.

These will really help you to eliminate the allergy from your home; hence your symptoms of allergy will get reduced to a great extent. To know more about the secret allergy symptoms, check my blog.       

  1. Clean and Cover

Hire someone who is resistant to dust mite allergies to dust off your room. If you are susceptible to this type of allergies then it is an important step for you to take.

Otherwise, it is highly recommended to put on a mask before you set out to clean your room on your own. While cleaning extensively, make sure that you have cleaned as much debris and mites as possible to make your room dust-free.

You can follow the given steps to clean your room:

  • Make use of special microfiltration bags while using the vacuum cleaner
  • A damp mop must be used for cleaning bare flooring and damp cloth is ideal to dust off the furniture and other pieces of stuff
  • Rugs must be washed in hot water because cold water is not effective in eliminating the mites. You may also prefer dry cleaning for removing dust and killing mites from the fibres.
  • Dustmite encasements, plastic or airtight covers are excellent for covering pillows, mattresses and box springs
  • Instead of feathers, choose the pillows filled with the polyester fibre
  • Bedding is essential to wash every week by using hot water
  1. Alleviate the Dust and Humidity in the Air

Moisture of the air in your room must be kept lower by using a dehumidifier or air conditioning. It is an essential thing to do because lower humidity level ensures the minimising of mites. You may use hygrometer to check the humidity level of your room on a regular basis.

HEPA filter equips with high rating of MERV is effective in trapping the dust from the air making your room air clean and pure. Make sure that you change the filters once in every three months to keep its effectiveness maximum.  

  1. Remove the Hiding Spots

Try to remove the materials from your home which are encouraging the mites build up. You can do so by limiting the number of furniture, upholstered pieces and stuffed toys in the room. Select the washable fabrics whenever possible and choose the flooring materials instead of carpets. Rather draperies, you must choose window shades as these are much easier to keep clean. 

Though, these three methods are highly efficient in assisting you to keep your home dust-free, you can look for other effective procedures too. These will ensure you to stay protected from the allergic reaction of the foreign invaders (especially dust mite). To know more about allergic reaction visit here.     


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