3 Signs that Your House is Infested with Bed Bugs

3 Signs that Your House is Infested with Bed Bugs

Getting a good night’s sleep after a long day at work is what we all look forward to every day. But when the mattress is infested by bed bugs this becomes impossible. A common misunderstanding is that bed bugs disappear during winters. However, this is only half true. They are less active but not dead which makes them even more annoying.

In low temperatures, these tiny pests show lower activity but as soon as the temperature starts rising so does their activity. They survive any weather, so how can you get rid of them? How can you ensure that you’re not snuggling up with these little troublemakers?

The only thing that can effectively solve this problem for you is pest control. Bed bugs are a menace in any weather. This makes getting professional help even more important.

Bed Bugs During Winters

Bed bugs can survive below-freezing temperatures for a brief period and even then, there is a chance that they survive. Adult bed bugs enter a hibernation-like state when the temperature drops significantly. In this state, they can survive without feeding for months at a stretch.

What’s worse is winter is their favorite season. Why?

It's because their favorite hosts–warm humans–prefer to stay inside snuggled up in their warm and fuzzy blankets. This allows them to hide in plain sight and free food delivered to them.

When to Seek Professional Help?

If you want to permanently get rid of bed bugs, expose them to a temperature of 3 degrees Fahrenheit for at least four days. Your body is not accustomed to withstanding such low temperatures unless you are Santa Claus. So, when you notice a bedbug infestation, it’s high time you seek professional assistance.

3 Signs of Bed Bug Infestations

  1. Blood Stains

Tiny unexplained bloodstains on your mattresses are a cause of worry as it can mean that it is infested by bed bugs. Crushed bed bugs leave such stains on your bed and must not be ignored.

  1. Bite Marks

Let’s get one thing clear, we’re not looking for bite marks from a bloodsucking creature here. The early signs of an infestation include red, itchy bite marks on you or your family member. These bite marks are not found randomly across the body but will appear in straight rows. You may not experience as many bites in winters but even a few marks in the winters are a lot.

  1. Bugs

Although bed bugs are very difficult to spot, you can see them if you look closely. Look for these tiny pests in the seams of mattresses, furniture joints, and electrical outlets carefully as these are places where they are likely to infest. You can locate them with your nose as they tend to release a sweet odor which becomes very prominent during winters.

A fully-grown bed bug is around 5 mm, the size of an apple seed. And they are nocturnal too. So, how do you find them? They love dark spaces. During the night, if you feel crawling sensation on your skin, it could indicate a bed bug presence.

Though bed bugs don’t carry or spread any disease, the biting is not something to enjoy either. Bed bugs travel from one place to another while hiding in your clothes, handbags or other small items. They multiply fast and can become a pain, should you ignore.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, talk to us at BBPP. Save yourself from the torment of bed bugs and get a healthier home for you and your loved ones – guaranteed

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