3 Words That Explain Why Men Cheat - Charmerly

3 Words That Explain Why Men Cheat - Charmerly

You’re probably wondering why, after long and seemingly strong relationships from charmerly, men still cheat? For many women, it’s like a cold shower. How did he dare?! He was such a loving, caring and attentive. He still seems to love you, feels guilty and hopes for forgiveness? How to understand why your man cheated? What went wrong between you? And what to do to fix things?

Firstly, he called and said that he delayed at work. And once he warned that will not come overnight because of project deadlines. No, it is impossible to refuse. It is very important for his career! Then comes an unexpected meeting with an old friend, and, finally “Hey, I saw your boyfriend/husband with a girl! Is she his sister? She is to visit you here? They left the restaurant at nightfall, took a taxi and gone. «And you felt the ground crumbling under your feet … But how? Why? To realize this, let’s understand why men cheat and what to do with this.

The three “pillars” of male psychology. Many reasons are rooted – guess what? – In the base men’s need: feeling like a real man! This means that he gave himself satisfactory answers to the three most important issues for him:

1) Who is he?

2) What does he do in life?

3) How much he earns?

That is why a man desperately wants to be loved:

1) Because he is a man;

2) For what makes him a man.

Let’s look at some simple facts, misunderstanding or ignoring of which leads to male adultery. Why do men cheat? He is looking for an outlet. Man yearns to be recognized for that he is a man and do men-like things! Because of the – big and strong. Because he makes money and brings products to the house. For the fact that he engaged in sports and participate in competitions. Household moments, he regards it as a trifle, and your constant attacks cause him annoyance. He really cannot understand why you’re always frustrated and angry, and it bothers him. And then it can become a treason outlet. He wants to revive the man’s self-esteem.

What was your man when you meet? Strong? Bold? Lead? And it turned into a sluggish body lying on the couch? If a man is not respected and is constantly criticized, he ceases to feel like a man. By destroying his self-esteem, do not be surprised when, why he became closed, distant and seeks compensation on the side. He is looking for recognition and respect from women from Victoria hearts. How often have you heard that men cheat because they want new experiences? What nonsense!

To understand the real reason, let us think: why do woman cheating? Perhaps because they feel unwanted, unloved and unappreciated? But then, why do you think that all men behave differently? First of all, we are all human. Women working in the field of escort services say that many of their customers do not want to have sex with them! The man wants a woman admiration, adoration, recognition and respect no matter how much money is in his wallet and it overcomes the difficulties.

Now you will ask: What to do? Give the man what he needs – just three magic words. These words are able to push for treason, even the most faithful men. And on the lips of a wise wife could be a powerful shield against male infidelity. What are these words?

Here they are:

I appreciate you!

I appreciate you that you provide the family. I appreciate you because you do not forget to present my flowers, candies or new dresses. I appreciate you because with you I feel protected. I appreciate you because you’re so strong, brave, courageous, and decisive. And then tell him that you are very tired and you need his help. Men love when women from dating.com review ask them for help! He will help you, but not to relieve the flow of your discontent. But to see you happy and satisfied.

Woman happiness is a reward for a real man. Just say these three magic words: I appreciate you! And then you will not have to think about why a man cheating. Enjoy your relationship and appreciate each other!

Write your thoughts in the comments, why men are changing, and we will discuss it.


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