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4 Photography Styles to Follow as per Professional Calgary Wedding Photographer

Every photographer is concerned about the photography style. The style refers to the ultimate fruit because it makes everything unique and different. Now, there are countless photography styles in the market. The wedding industry is not devoid of the styles, either. That’s why; it is important for a photographer to make sure which type of style a customer prefers. Does the bride want a vintage wedding album? Or, does it need to be full of raw candid emotions?

It is always the responsibility of a photographer to decide on a style even before initiating the huge work. The approach must be contemporary but the bride and groom should be comfortable with it. If you are an amateur photographer, you should consider the traditions followed by social groups. Then focus on shooting techniques including lighting preferences and long exposures. Do you have knowledge of using multi-positioning, time-lapse, drone photography or HDR photography? Once you are done considering these aspects, it is time to know which styles are followed by professional Calgary wedding photographer generally.

Classic Wedding Photography

As it is commonly known to every bride and groom, a new photographer should consider the advantages beforehand. This type only works with individual approach and there will be too many posed photos. Nowadays, couples do not like to shoot in a planned scenario. They prefer the originality of the frame more. However, this style exudes only elegance. When the client wants the prime scenes to be captured, classic wedding photography is the ideal choice. The classical poses include signing papers, putting on rings and the first kiss. If you want to bring in the vintage elements, you can use a film camera.

Dramatic Wedding Photography

When you are thinking of a wedding, you are imagining all the drama. Lightning is one of the key components of such photography. That’s why; you need to deal with off-camera flash photography. Don’t rely on the sunlight always. It is better to create artificial light on an overcast day.

Artistic Wedding Photography

If you want to experiment with skills, the artistic wedding photography style may be a great choice. Before starting the process, it is important to have enough expensive gear and knowledge of Photoshop. Mixing different styles including composition, natural lighting and creative framing, the photoshoot turns out to be magnificent. You need not work with high-contrast. But you can rely on the soft and gentle pastel shades. In this way, a hint of minimalism may stay there. Also, attention-to-details is essential because every element needs to be taken into account for.

Aerial Wedding Photography

If you want to expand practical experience in modern photography, you can experiment with aerial shots. Instead of keeping the subject in middle or following the rule of thirds, the aerial wedding photography style is trending. Of course, you need sufficient equipment. A drone and HDR camera are the basic requirements. If the couple is taking a vow in a beach or lakeside resort, the aerial shots include the beautiful scenery into the composition. So, the bird-eye view shots turn out to be interesting and the elements look very prominent.

With the course of time, you can carry out different styles as well. An expert’s guidance may be helpful at this time. You can send portfolio to professional teams and gain unique experience easily.

Author bio: Joe Coles is a popular photographer who has been working as a freelancer in the wedding industry for years. Here, he discusses the popular photography styles followed by Calgary wedding photographer often.



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