4 proven strategies for HR to increase employee job satisfaction

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4 proven strategies for HR to increase employee job satisfaction

The modern corporate world has made the term "employee satisfaction" an important factor for the people working in it to hold on to a company or a job they are in.

It is a proven fact that employees tend to give more productive outputs when they are satisfied, and this satisfaction only comes when they feel content with their work and the workspace. 

Happy and satisfied employees love to come to their workplace. Any newly assigned work doesn't feel like a burden to them, they blissfully take over whatever is assigned to them and try to give their best 

These factors eventually help to improve your business profit line and act as the main reason for improved employee retention. So if you are into the management committee or an entrepreneur having a number of employees working for you, here are some ways to improve employee satisfaction to create a happy work culture. 

  •  Keep the expectations clear 

Expectations are the reason why most of the employee feel incompetent for the position they are holding. The authorities while assigning the position and work fails to clear the expectations they keep for the output they are willing to get.

The uncertainty and mismatched assumptions between the employer and the employee create stressful conditions that make both of them unhappy working together. 

Giving clarity about what you are assuming and what kind of outputs you and your clients are expecting from them will help to set a process where everyone is on the same page. 

  • Appreciate the talent

The next step to employee satisfaction is recognition and appreciation. It's human nature that a person when is valued for the hard work and the efforts given by him for the company growth expects some kind of reward or recognition for his deeds. 

Expressing gratitude in one or the other way validates that the company as a whole value them and is acknowledged by the efforts that they are putting in for the company growth. Small gestures like a thank you note or a sorry for the mistake that the authority might have made can make your employees feel that they are valued more as a person that just being a worker there. 

  • Have effective leaders or hire one to manage 

Good leadership acts as the driving force behind employees being content with their work. A good leader has skills to handle their people well, he knows everyone's strengths and weaknesses and plans their work accordingly.

The efforts made by a leader to keep the team together and focused will decide whether the company is going to make some great outputs are just pretending to work together to get their monthly wages. To get the best out of the team and to make them work together actively, organizing some corporate team building activities in the company at the regular intervals can prove to be helpful. You can also opt for external help by looking for a business consultant that can help you understand your employees and their growth behavior better. 

  • Give them time to socialize in-office 

The last and the most important factor for employee satisfaction are the other employees. Yes, your team spends almost 2/3 of their time working at your premises, so the people around them and the work culture you create for them matters a lot. 

Having a free to walk and talk culture will help the people to mingle with each other creating strong bonds and friendships that help them work together better. Organizing some events outside office walls, this could help them feel free to talk about something other than their profession, a lunch or a dinner with the team can be a great option. 

Random teaming of employees to get a task done can help improve the chances of conversation and interaction for the most introverted employees.

Summing Up

Employee satisfaction plays a huge part in the success of the company. Understanding the needs that can make your employees feel happy about their workplace is what you need to build a productive working culture for them  

Let your employees build some healthy relations with their colleagues, communicate with them, appreciate them for their efforts and help them grow in their respective fields by giving them work clarity and a good leader. Give them all that is possible from your side to make them feel content and the things would fall in place automatically!