5 most raised Questions on Drupal Development

5 most raised Questions on Drupal Development

While choosing the Drupal development company, people often stuck with specific questions on their minds, whether they are going right or not. Although, it can be a daunting task as Drupal is an advanced technology and there are a lot of techie tribes who are providing you with the high-quality work. Hence, whenever you are to hire any Drupal Developer, just ask the following questions:

What are their contributions to the Drupal website development?

There are several things which are to be checked before hiring a Drupal developer which are given below:

Do you have a CVS account with the ability to submit patches to the Drupal core?

To what extent, do you provide help to the community members?

Have you ever contributed to any Drupal module or theme before?

Check his work samples which he has done so far for Drupal projects?

The only motive is to figure out whether the Drupal developer is experienced or not. We all know that Drupal is open-source, and depends upon contributions by the Drupal community to continue towards growth. It is fantastic at customization. In a platform, where the developer gets so much of customization, then how and where does he start? Where does he update? Who will help him? These are some of the most-asked questions.

This will save the time of the business owners and his final product will be more targeted to his industry.

Do they have live working examples of a multisite installation of Drupal to review?

Yes, it is possible that a single Drupal developer can run sites on multiple domains or sub-domains from one installation. In this way, the business site only has to make updates once for different domains. So, make sure that you are already aware of the fact that the developer which you are going to hire must be experienced.

What is the version control system he is proficient at for managing the code?

Actually, the most trustworthy and proficient developers use version control software to manage the code changes they make to the business project. It makes the procedure easier to revert back to previous versions of the application. It is mandatory to use version control especially when multiple people are working on the same business website with a motive to track the changes and conduct concurrent changes to the same code of a particular section.  

What is his plan for Quality assurance and staging of the website before it goes to production?

A good and professional developer already knows that sometimes he will have to mould the things and this is the reason why he tests the changes to the project site in a staging area before publishing them on the live website.

Does he have access to the top contributors in the Drupal scene?

It will be good if the Drupal developer is connected with some of the top Drupal experts as well. Always ask for the other references.

Hope, this article has enlightened you about the tactics while hiring a Drupal development company or a Drupal developer.  


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