5 Reasons You Need To Attend Indian Weddings

5 Reasons You Need To Attend Indian Weddings

When Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra were tying the knots, fans all around the world were excited to see the stunning functions that went in a purely ‘Desi’ way. With lights, drama and a lot of dance, the marriages in India are charismatic and enjoyable.

Here, we present to you five major reasons as to why Indian weddings must be attended once in a lifetime by everyone.

1. A handful of ceremonies

A handful of ceremonies

Unlike any other wedding which ends within hours, the Indian marriages are long-term affairs and continue for days. There are numerous ceremonies that take place prior to and post-wedding such as Roka, sangeet, Mehendi, and reception. The vibe of fun and frolic doesn’t seem to leave the spirits of people attending the Indian wedding.

2. Mouth-watering food

Mouth-watering food

If you really want to enjoy the delicacies of the best Indian cuisine, Indian weddings are a must to go to. An endless food fare of palatable and finger-licking dishes is presented in almost every function of the wedding and people seem to make their taste buds dance in joy by having the food presented.

3. Colors and Glitters, literally everywhere

wedding photography

From the dresses to the walls of the venue, everything in the Indian weddings is filled with every shade of colors and is coated with glitters and shine. It helps in brightening the wedding photography and fills the room with a happy vibe.

4. Bollywood songs and crazy dance

Bollywood songs and crazy dance

How often can one expect to see full-grown men doing snake dance or people forming a human chain in the middle of the dance floor? If you are not Indian, there almost zero chances of it happening. But, the Indian marriages are the occasions where you could see people going crazy on the dance floors; thanks to Bollywood music or booze served or maybe inherited madness.

5. Impromptu games and fun

Impromptu games and fun

Just like there is no sense of a pizza without cheese, Indian weddings are bland in the absence of fun and frolic. But, one needs not to worry about the enjoyment part as people have a lot of cool ideas to spend quality time with each other during the ceremonies and in-between the breaks. In fact, the game of stealing the groom’s shoes by the bride’s sister is quite popular in the marriages.

Here, we have come to the conclusion that there are multifarious reasons for attending a Desi Wedding. Not just you will get a chance to witness the cultural traditions of the world’s oldest heritage, but will also be able to blend in the joyous vibes of the ceremonies. Make sure you are dressed up in Lehengas and Sarees, for girls and Kurta Pajama, for boys to have wondrous wedding photographs. The contagious happiness of the function will live with you for a lifetime.

The pre-wedding photography is the hot potato worldwide and it is winning attention for all the right reasons. It offers the opportunity to the couples to establish a closer kinship with one another before the wedding, whilst being clicked. But, when it is commemorated with nature and its' majestic ingredients, it can turn into a unique and jaw-dropping set of pictures.

The best thing about utilizing the natural offerings of the earth is that it is inexpensive and charismatic. The couple doesn’t need to spend a substantial amount on their arrangement. However, If one does not have the desired natural element in the place of their residence, they might have to incur the cost of traveling to the chosen place. So, you might ditch the expensive and monotonous elements and go for the natural and sumptuous elements bestowed by Mother Nature.


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