5 Tried and Tested Methods to Make You Smarter

5 Tried and Tested Methods to Make You Smarter

Regardless of the smartness you hold, still there are high possibilities of you failing in most of your memory. Many studies have shown that today most of the students ignore to adopt the proven learning methods, on the other hand, waste time by spending ineffective study methods.

The major problem to this is that the scholars are poked by a number of people; parents at home, teachers in school and their tutors at their improvement classes. So, this makes it unsure for the students to find out which way works well and which doesn’t.

To help you, as students, the succeeding matter will let you know about the effective study strategies that will definitely bring out more interest in you to study. Take a look.

Strategy 1: Rereading

Do you want to learn new vocabulary? If so, the very basic strategy is to start reading. Reading will help you come across new words along with their actual meanings. But, this strategy is reflected as a passive one by the researchers. This is because in case of passive reading, most of the times the information doesn’t leave a positive imprint.

Memory Hack: Space Your Reading

Passive rereading is one of the ineffective study strategy that most of you usually adopt. But, you can choose this way in case you are lacking in knowledge of the basic subject concepts. In such a case, make good use of the regular class sessions that you attend. Another thing that you can do is to read the chapter and get a clear understanding of the chapter. Once you have read the subject matter, try to come out with related questioning in order to understand it well as it will boost your intellectual power.

Strategy 2: Underlining and Highlighting

This study method is highly abundant. By adopting the method of underlining the key points and phrases, you get a chance to successfully engage with the information. Later on, while you sit back to write an assignment or prepare for exams, you don’t need to avail online assignment help. This is because you already have important points marked in your textbook. This study method is considered to be an effective one as compared to that of rereading.

Memory Hack: Pause to Think

On the other hand, the researchers think that you must read the content in one go. And the second time when you approach the content, mark all the important points and the keywords. This will push you to think about the relatively important information further helping your mind with the active handling.

Strategy 3: Note-Taking

When you sit back to attend any lecture at your college, it is considered right if you start noting down the facts and figures that you consider important in terms of the subject. This set of information will help you save your time and as you don’t need to fiddle with the books to search for the matter.

Memory Hack: Be Concise 

While you prepare the notes, don’t make a mistake of using a laptop. Instead, using a paper and pen is the best way. This will you stay to the point and thus, you will not waste time in noting down information that is not relevant in terms of the subject and syllabus.

Strategy 4: Outlining

Many school and college professors have made a plan for the subject and ask the students to take the glimpse of the same and learn it to structure the matter and learn it logically. Most of the times, the teachers prepare outline for the students. But this must not be the case every time. The teachers should motivate the students to perform the task by themselves.

Memory Hack: Understand Deep Patterns

By outlining, the researchers say that, the students get a clear way of developing effective connections among the various topics.

Strategy 5: Flash Cards

Today, self-testing is the reliable learning strategy. This is the best method to study, if you want to get a detailed understanding of the subject along with a relevant evidence that will help in boosting your memory.

Memory Hack: Beware Overconfidence

Overconfidence will definitely drag you down from success. It has been observed that the more confident the students feel about learning the information, they are less likely to recall the subject matter later.

Thus, stay confident and not overconfident as it will definitely lead you down to failure.

These are some of the effective hacks that will surely make you smarter. So, try and adopt these ways as a part of your study methods and you will see the difference. Most of these are tried and tested ways for you to use it directly.

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