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6 Fascinating Ways to Create a Zen Bathroom

Getting a respite from your busy life is easy. Wondering how? Imagine a soothing spa-like space where you can take long, warm showers after a tiring day. We are talking about a Zen-inspired bathroom. By implementing a few simple décor elements, such as simple lines, earthy tones, natural elements and minimalism, you can make this design stand out. This post will walk you through all the intricate detailing so you know how to create a Zen bathroom.

6 Interesting Ways to Create a Zen Bathroom

  1. Add organic elements

The main purpose of the Zen décor style is to bring you closer to nature. That’s why you’ll see many organic elements like pebbles, stones, wooden accents and natural light. Apart from sunlight, you should also focus on electric lighting to brighten the space at night. You can create a peaceful ambience by placing spotlights in a linear arrangement to outline the washroom.

Expert Tip: Do you have an open space outside your bathroom? Then consider installing a glass door to create a partition between it and the washroom. Decorate this open space with plants and trees to bring natural elements into the bathroom-adjacent area to complement your Zen decoration. In addition, you can transform this external space into an open shower area.

  1. Paint the walls in a neutral colour

You’ll never see bright contrasting colours in a Zen-inspired bathroom. This is because the objective is to calm you down, not stress you more. Loud colours can strain the eyes which is why neutral shades are preferred; black, beige or grey balanced with white are especially good options. These colours also create an illusion of space to open up the room. This is a blessing for smaller bathrooms and a bonus for larger ones.

  1. Include plants and trees

It’s important to add greenery in this style of bathroom to create a connection with nature. Either keep tall plants in a corner or arrange small shrubs near the sink over a wooden vanity. In this way you strike a visual balance without going overboard.

Expert Tip: If you have a blank wall in your washroom, use indoor plants to turn it into a statement wall with a Zen effect.

  1. Select soothing wallpaper

Do you prefer wallpaper to paint? Not a problem, provided you know which to choose. Avoid loud, geometric or bright patterns; instead, pick grey textured ones, preferably with the Buddha’s face to ensure serenity. Balance them with white or neutral paints on other walls to maintain a visual parity. In this way you can achieve the Zen look you’ve always dreamt about.

  1. Install wooden accents

Wooden accents are imperative when you’re planning to bring Zen style to your bathroom. Timber elements like cabinets, shelves, vanities and benches are good ideas. If you have vessel sinks, go for a large piece rough wood countertop. Just make sure it’s sanded and sealed to prevent splinters. This ordinary addition gives your bathroom an extraordinary facelift.

  1. Add a frameless shower door

Regardless of whether you have a sauna in your bathroom, it’s wise to install frameless shower doors to separate the shower area. In this way you create a seamless partition and prevent water from overflowing, although you don’t have to restrict your tub’s location to the other side or centre of the bathroom. An oval or round tub will better complement the overall interiors than a claw-foot one.

It isn’t a back breaking task provided you know the clever ways to get a Zen-style bathroom. All you need to do is choose organic elements, wooden accents, subtle colours and plants to bring in a Zen effect. Arrange them in a way that doesn’t crowd the space. In this way, you create a stress-free, Zen-inspired room that will calm your mind and rejuvenate your body.



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