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6 Reasons Why Owning a Seedbox is Awesome

Do you know what’s the most important feature needed for torrenting? It’s the speed that fuels the downloading and uploading process. However, it is often discovered that a majority of users whilst torrenting are facing privacy issues.

This is no longer a problem after the introduction of Seedbox.

Users today are now owning a Seedbox to ease out the entire torrenting process. The remote server is actually playing a vital role in this scenario.

But why Seedbox? If you browse over the web you will discover different remote servers are scattering on the floor. For example,,, TorX, etc. They are actually used to download and upload files using torrents. But still, it is the Seedboxes that have made their way in the market.

The reason is quite simple. They are worthy. They are more effective than other alternatives.

Let’s not throw assumptions in the air and talk about the real reasons why owning a Seedbox has turned out to be awesome.

6 Top Reasons that You Must Not Avoid Owning a Seedbox

  1. Offline facility: It is not always that you can be online. For example, there can be a situation where you are unable to download files due to a network issue.
    Such problems often occur when you are on the go. In this scenario, you can just click the download option and leave it running. Later on, you can easily access the downloaded files in your device without even being online. Seedbox is thus effective when there is any network issue.
  2. Capable of running 24/7: No matter how good your PC is or how great the quality and features are, when it comes to running for 24 hours the machine gets heated and may clog the bandwidth. However, such problems won’t actually matter when you are using a Seedbox server.
    Seedbox is constructed with robust hardware that if run for 24*7 neither hinders the process nor block the bandwidth. That’s the specialty of a Seedbox.
  3. Security at its best: Preventing online threats or online breaching is the primary intention of a Seedbox. Being a remote server, it minimizes the risk of displaying the IP address to the attackers, by hiding the IP address from the audience.
    Such a property is also carried by VPN. And a Seedbox integrated with OpenVPN features add encrypted connectivity to the users, eliminating the risk of privacy threats to a great extent.
  4. Video streaming feature: We all know, Seedboxes are used for downloading and uploading files using torrent. And they are quite efficient in their role. But do you know, using Seedbox you can stream your videos online?
    That’s what makes Seedboxes different from other remote servers. A Seedbox is even combined with Plex or Kodi media application. These applications are worth for streaming video files online and creating organized media libraries for the users.
  5. No storage problem: Storage problem is the basic problem that we users often face. It literally becomes difficult to download files without enough space in the device. Even you must have faced this similar problem at least once. Isn’t it?
    Not to worry when you are owning a Seedbox for downloading your files. This even gives you the access to download the files in the server, providing a lot of space in your local device.
  6. Ease to download and upload files: Seedboxes make use of BitTorrent Protocol. This particular protocol is used for peer-to-peer sharing in the digital medium. The range of bandwidth fluctuates from 100MBps to 10GBps, thus providing an extremely high but safe uploading and downloading speed. No matter how large is the file size is, it will be downloaded or uploaded in a second.

The Summary

Seedboxes being the remote servers are thus quite effective for uploading and downloading files using torrents. It will be wrong if you switch over to other remote servers instead of relying on Seedbox.



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