6 Wallpaper Ideas Perfect for Your Living Room

6 Wallpaper Ideas Perfect for Your Living Room

The living room is the first room that your guests see. It creates the very first impression of your home. Thus, interior designers will suggest that a living room should be warm and cosy. Guests must feel welcome in this space. Wallpaper designs are a good way to create a warm and relaxing vibe in the living room. The rich colours add a zest of life to your bare walls. Wallpaper designs for living room make the space bright, cosy and intimate.

Some of the most popular wallpaper designs for the living room are:

Floral Prints


Floral wallpaper designs are just ideal for a living space. As soon as you enter the room, pretty looking flowers on the wall capture your interest at first sight. Soft and soothing florals in pastel shades bring in a happy and cheerful vibe to your living space. They catch your visual interest, without being overbearing. Floral wallpaper designs can also be a great choice for accent walls. The colourful blooms add a focal point to the room, making the particular wall stand out. To create an impact, you can choose floral wallpaper designs for living room on metallic finish wallpaper. The softness of florals with the metallic tone creates a wonderful imagery.

Botanical Prints


Green leafy designs bring in the essence of outdoors inside your home. Oversized botanical prints make the space look more open and feel brighter. They create a warm and welcoming vibe. Palm prints and fern leaves look fresh and breezy, giving the living room a chic bohemian vibe. Large-sized tropical leaves on the wall also add a bit of drama. The visual aesthetic created is quite striking. Wallpaper design for living room can also be small repeat patterns. Striped patterns where leafy vines form the distinct lines or damask motifs with tiny leaves are both minimalistic and attractive. They bring in a cosy and relaxing vibe to the room.

Geometric Patterns


Geometric patterns bring in sophistication and elegance to a space. From classic shapes like hexagons, triangles or circles to dual-coloured stripes, these clear lines and shapes bring in a depth to your walls. Geometric wallpapers create a beautiful symmetry of design. Such patterns are simple and minimalist, but also impactful. Hey capture visual interest, but do not dominate the space. Geometric wallpaper designs are also used by many to create an illusion of space. Vertical stripes make the ceiling appear higher, while horizontal stripes make the room the room wider and more spacious. These well-defined lines create a modern and elegant aesthetic.

Metallic Textures


Metallic wallpaper designs for living room bring in instant glamour to the space. These wallpapers with a glossy sheen look luxurious and elegant, giving it a timeless feel. Metallic wallpapers are a great choice for smaller sized living rooms. When light is reflected off the metallic surface, it adds texture to the walls making the room appear bigger than it is. Metallic wallpapers have a luxurious finish. They make your living room feel stylish and elegant. They mostly come in various textures of gold, silver or copper tones. Silver gives a modern and contemporary vibe, while gold looks bright and cosy. Copper and brass are more suited for vintage and art deco styles. Complement your metallic walls with high-shine accessories and textured fabrics. Add a touch of opulence to your living space.

Faux Textures

Textured wallpapers give your living room a naturalistic look. A stone and brick layer or wooden textured walls make the space feel open and rustic. Real construction might make this interior expensive, but faux textured wallpapers help you achieve this look with little effort. Imagine a living room with stone brick walls, leather sofas, and an electrical fireplace. It is just perfect for a country-style interior scheme. Wooden textured walls are more in line with the Scandinavian theme of warmth and cosiness. The visual aesthetic is intimate and relaxing.

Attractive Stripes

Striped wallpaper designs are a world of their own. They are versatile in style, designs and colours. Striped wallpapers can mainly be categorized as horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Colour-wise, they can be tone-on-tone or in two contrasting shades. Stripes on the wall are a great way to add colour into your living space.

With so many varying options of wallpaper designs for living room, renovating your home can be a fun and enjoyable task.

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