6 Ways to Convince Your Child on Wearing Glasses

6 Ways to Convince Your Child on Wearing Glasses

“Wearing glasses for the first time can be a challenge and difficult to adjust for both grown-ups and children.” 

To see clearly mostly comes next to wearing glasses and assuming how one would look peering through a pair of goggles. Being a parent, it’s your duty to help the child and make their habit of wearing glasses without being pesky. Some children refuse to wear glasses for fear of friends teasing . Also because they find them uncomfortable or because they simply feel that they are not doing well with their outfit . Not wearing glasses can aggravate vision problems in early childhood. Here’re a few acceptable approaches for you to take on today. 

Get the Right Fit 

Unfit glasses; no matter how good they’re at correcting the child’s vision, are no fun to wear and the young ones would surely take them off at every chance. Be it too loose or fit tight to the nose, you need to get them a pair which brings a balance between both extremes. Do note that unfit glasses can alter vision for each of the eye raising new concerns. 

Set the Goals 

A child who’s already unwilling to wear glasses right from the start might probably agree to do that if you define goals; one step at a time. Begin small and ask them to wear the glasses only for 30-minutes, then 60 and keep increasing the hours day by day until you’re successful at getting them acquainted to the eyewear for full day. Make it more interesting by offering small rewards for achieving the milestones. 

Find Role Models 

One of the smartest ways to overcome your child’s fears and worries of wearing glasses is to remind them of their favourite superheroes. Take for instance Harry Potter, Superman and Supergirl, Scott Summers (Cyclops) and many other characters who look cool wearing their specs. Its possible children would take inspiration and agree to put on a suitable pair. 

Let Them Select the Glasses 

Yet another important step to infuse confidence in your child is to let them choose the frames on their own. Its obvious glasses correspond to the facial features which varies from a person to another and thus brings on a unique expression. So, for this once, forget imposing your own ideas and let the child choose a cool pair of specs. 

There’s one thing you should be careful of being a parent and that’s to decide on the type of glass which can actually serve the exact purpose, that is healing of the vision. This is important especially for children who’ve been through treatment against retinopathy of prematurity at birth because carelessness might result in a critical eye or vision related anomaly. 

Just Be Supportive 

With all the above steps, one of the most important being a concerned parent is to stand by your child at all times, even with things as little as choosing glasses. Even with the right pair and all the superhero inspiration, the child would always value that which the parents would choose to do. Just in case you aren’t available for some reason, have someone to be with the children like a guardian, teacher or any other member of the family. 

Consult First 

Before choosing the right pair of eyeglasses, there’s something important you should do and that’s consult with a professional doctor who would better suggest the glass per the type of eye anomaly or any other particular case, should there be any. 

Millions of children worldwide need to wear corrective glasses . Either by myopia , astigmatism, farsightedness or other vision problems. Glasses are necessary so that children who do not see normally can develop well and interact appropriately with the environment. But how is the care of the glasses?

Some utilities of the glasses:

  • They correct problems that would worsen in the future.
  • They avoid accidents such as trips and falls.
  • They allow to identify the objects .
  • They facilitate the learning process in general .
  • They help the development of motor skills.

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