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7 Common Misconceptions About Adult Diapers

Sometimes, it becomes very necessary to separate misconception from the truth. People have some misconceptions and taboo about adult diapers and hence it leaves them in double thoughts about buying a pack from a supermarket or even online!

It is really important to share with people as to why they need adult diapers and how these adult diapers can bring them back to life.

Misconception 01: Adult diapers can only be used by the Elderly.

Reality: you will be surprised to know that Adult diapers are not only made to relieve the elderly from the incontinence problem. Even the young, who are bedridden due to recent surgery or any other medical condition can also use adult diapers. Irrespective of the age factor, adult diapers are beneficial in almost every condition related to weak bladder and pelvic muscles.

Misconception 02: They are just like normal baby diapers

Reality: Adult diapers have completely different anatomy from baby diapers. These are more absorbent than baby diapers. Secondly, while most of the baby diapers are designed according to a standard size, adult diapers are available in different sizes depending on the size of the thighs and diameter of the waist. Adult diapers can last up to 16 hours, whereas baby diapers are not crafted for longer hour absorption.

Misconception 03: It can be used only after a medical condition

Apart from a medical condition, people who do not want to wake up in the middle of their night sleep can also use adult diapers. The elderly who do not want to bound their life inside one room can also use adult diapers to guide their ways to freedom.

Misconception 04: They are not practical & effective

Reality: People who have a misconception that adult diapers are not very effective, should use adult diapers themselves to know how useful and practical they are. They must know that doctors recommend adult diapers for so many situations like incontinence, after surgery, and any bedridden condition.

Misconception 05: Doesn’t fit everyone

Reality: It is completely untrue that diapers don’t fit everyone. All dignity diapers; Magna, Premium, and Overnight come with M, L, XL sizes. No one needs to worry about the sizes and design as they will easily fit around your waist and thighs.

Misconception 06: Doctors don’t recommend it

Realty: A doctor would always recommend it when someone is suffering from incontinence problem, or bedridden, or do not have control over pelvic muscles. It helps people to get their freedom back by not letting them go to toilets frequently and doesn’t halt them to step outside.

Misconception 07: Women cannot use adult diapers

Reality: Some of us have a misconception about adult diapers that they cannot be worn by women. But that’s completely wrong as adult diapers come in two categories; unisex and gender-specific.

Unisex diapers are more popular in comparison to gender-specific diapers.

So, anybody, who has a condition like heavy incontinence, faecal discharge, weak bladder, and a bedridden person can use adult diapers

Let’s understand how Diapers are the perfect solution to all the leaky bladder problems:

Higher absorbency

Beating all ordinary adult diapers, the premium adult diapers in the market performs to be number one in the competition of absorbing the bladder leakage. The famous – Overnight Adult Diapers from Dignity lasts up to 16 hours, which is appropriate for any of the worst incontinence situations. With the use of this adult diaper, you can take a blissful sleep and hassle-free morning walks. It gives you wings to fly again in your life.

Say bye-bye to leakage

People feel confident when they start using dignity adult diapers because its adjustable comfort-flex tabs ensure proper fit. Each and every diaper is tested and checked before final packaging. The brand has followed all the international standards to produce world-class adult diapers so that life doesn’t stop because of the fear of leakage.

No chance of rashes & infections with Dignity adult diapers

From the making to the packaging, all hygiene standards are followed to craft the bacteria-free adult diapers. Use of these diapers ensures minimal chances of rashes and infections as they are made of hypoallergenic material in the clinically-proven environment.



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