7 Delicious Food you can make in a Rice Cooker

7 Delicious Food you can make in a Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are those basic appliances that require the least effort, just tossing the ingredients and leaving it to work on its own. There is no need to stand the whole time and keep a watch on it. Also, the rice cookers are much more versatile than we think and they allow cooking stuff apart from just rice. The rice cookers available now a day such as Panasonic rice cookers, have more temperature adjustments and options for slow cooking as compared to the earlier ones which only steams or boils. Thus, in such rice cookers, there are many things that can be cooked; the following are the 7 delicious foods that can be made in it: -

  1. If we only look at its classic mechanism, i.e. boiling; many foods can be consumed when they are boiled. For example, hard-boiled eggs. This can be prepared by using the steam basket that comes with the rice cooker. To hard-boil the eggs, it should be kept for up to 25 minutes, depending on how it’s preferred to be eaten.

  2. Oatmeal is the next dish that can be made using the rice cooker. Depending on the desired consistency of the oatmeal, the water to oats ratio should be taken. One can also try different oats to water ratio and choose the most perfect one out of it for cooking next time. Once the oats and water is measured, it should be poured into the inner pot and stirred well to combine. After that, the rice cooker should be turned on for cooking. One may also add fruits or spices to it for making it flavorful.

  3. The rice cooker also allows something to try with potatoes. Making mashed potatoes in it is really easy. Steaming the potatoes into the cooker until they turn tender and then mashing the potatoes with milk and butter until they attain the desired consistency. The potatoes can either be placed in the basket for steaming or directly put into the pot.

  4. As mentioned in the above dishes, the steaming basket of the rice cooker is of great use. It also allowing steaming the vegetables for preparing meals which is a healthy alternative to the fried ones. The veggies can also be tossed on top of the batch of rice when they cook, this could be a good way of preparing veg plans.

  5. Deserts like chocolate fondue can be made by using the rice cooker in a much simpler manner. It requires melting down the chocolate in the rice cooker for the perfect pot of fondue. The warming function of the cooker will maintain the melted chocolate consistency and its silkiness. This makes the dipping to happen easier and in the desired way.

  6. Something can also be tried using the macaroni and cheese in the rice cooker. After cooking the pasta in this cooker and throwing some spices along with the cheese and mac, the cooker will take care of the cooking and combining each ingredient well. This recipe is however much simple and easier than the other recipes involving cheese and macaroni.

  7. Making fluffy and delicious pancakes is also easy in the rice cooker. It is as simple as pouring the pancake batter into the inner pot and turning the machine on. Rest, everything will be done by the cooker and the only thing we need to do is wait and see the huge fluff of the pancake rise. For making the pancake taste better; fruits, chocolate, cocoa, matcha powder or whatever else should be added to give a rich feel to it.

Rice cookers serve a great help in making a variety of dishes quickly and easily. Thus, this is a must-have appliance into the kitchen, as it saves a lot of time and provides healthy meals too. For buying the rice cooker, its quality and brand should be considered so as to let it last for a longer time. Panasonic Rice Cooker could be a smart choice to make, as Panasonic is one of the renowned brands in the world and buying its appliances in Malaysia could be beneficial as the prices are a bit lower here as compared to the other countries.

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