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7 Glorious Tricks On Instagram Hashtags To Reach Maximum Audience

Instagram hashtags are the key phrases or keyword which displays as a clickable link that provides every post tagged with the exact hashtag. If you type a '#' following with a word or phrase, it automatically turns into a blue color clickable link on the platform, which is shortly called hashtags. On the platform, you could include hashtags to your content and follow them to get relevant content to your search interests.

The hashtag's primary objective is to reach your stunning content to a massive audience on the platform. To add a hashtag to your content, launch the app, create a new post, and type a '#' symbol before your keyphrase or keyword with no spaces.

While typing this, you can find more trending hashtags with your typing word so that you could click anyone you wish, or you can move with your unique and custom hashtag. But there are few tricks on the platform for utilizing hashtags to reach a maximum audience. Here are they:


Utilize Insights To Get Which Hashtags Work Better

You need to have an Instagram business account to access the Instagram Insights feature to get the impression count you have received from the hashtags.

  • Choose an Instagram post you want to track the data and click on the "View Insights" below your post on the left side.
  • Swipe up to get every insight for that particular post, including impressions count from hashtags.

This information helps you to find out the hashtags that are more effective to boost reach.


Add Hashtags To Your Instagram Stories

Every hashtag page has an icon of Instagram stories at the top left side. Tap it, and you would get a collection of various stories tagged with that specific hashtag from audiences with public accounts. You can add hashtags to your Instagram stories in two ways. Hashtag stickers are the first method to utilize them. And the second method is you could use the text option and type the '#' symbol to write a hashtag the exact way for your video or photo post.


Avoid Spammy And Banned Hashtags

When any inappropriate content is associated with a hashtag, then the platform may ban that particular hashtag. Also, it doesn't mean you cannot use that specific hashtag after that. It means you can only see the top posts from that hashtag. Also, you can't see the recent posts and the stories with that particular hashtag.

Checking the hashtag before you add it is the only path to find out whether the hashtag is banned or not. It's a best practice to bring out a new relevant hashtag to your post. Adding banned hashtags in your posts could cause an engagement drop, and also, your use of recognized hashtags becomes less potent because you can be set down from the algorithm.

Also, you want to avoid hashtags that solicit followers and likes even if they are not banned. For example: #tagsforlikes, #like4like, #followme #follow4follow, etc.

Utilizing these hashtags attracts spammers, bots, and other users on the platform who are not interested in engaging with you in a meaningful way. Also, they tend to showcase to your fans that your business is dealing with more engagement in a spammy way. And it's not a good look.


Get To Know How Pages Of Hashtag Deals With

The pages of hashtags are the perfect way to explore your content for a new kind of target people, mainly if you are featured on the top list.

The hashtag pages showcase every content with that particular hashtag. It helps in gaining more engagement with auto likes on Instagram quickly to your posts on the platform. If an Instagram user searches for the posts, and your post is the recent one with that particular hashtag, yours would be the first post they could get on the current list. 

That's why it's effortless to stay in the top section for every less famous or a branded hashtag. Don't forget that posts from the recent list are filtered depending on the shared posts initially. If you include hashtags after uploading your post, either editing the post's caption or via the comment section, this will not boost up your post's recency.


Don't Add Repetitive Or Irrelevant Hashtags

It may be easy for you to copy and paste the exact hashtags lists to all posts, but don't try this. The community guidelines of Instagram states that "adding repetitive content or comments" isn't okay. Your post will be penalized and dropped in reach by Instagram's algorithm if you utilize the same hashtags for our posts.

Only add hashtags that matter when you upload a post. For instance, if you upload a post with tagging #wanderlust, then you would receive likes, shares, and comments from strangers on the platform, which de-progresses your target reach.

In simple words, it is not seeing your post by a vast audience, but by seeing your post by the target audience. That's how Instagram hashtags point to higher followers and more engagements. Research and select the perfect hashtags for your every post.


Ensure To Bring Out The Relevant Hashtag

Hashtags are the word strings that are stuck together. It creates issues when it is not more clear where a word begins following a word.

The best example for this is #susanalbumparty which was created in 2012 and a hashtag for Susan's new album launch celebration. Read that hashtag slowly, and you may get other words in the center that brings the hashtag a bit of an issue. Recently, a famous brand Amazon made this hashtag mistake accidentally and removed the hashtag after analyzing it.

Also, brands sometimes grab the top trending hashtags to use in their posts without knowing the content's actual value. If the brand's context is challenging, it makes a great disaster for the business or brand. 

And a brand won't check whether the hashtags are already in use or not before making an entire campaign. In 2013 Burger King did this when they utilized the #WTFF hashtag, "What The French Fry."

If you know the meaning of WTF already, you could guess why this hashtag brings an issue one.


Collect Hashtags To Use In The Future

You can collect the hashtags in a notepad to reduce the typing time if you use the same hashtags regularly. 

As already said, don't use the same hashtags in your posts. It's best to practice if you include various relevant hashtags to your posts according to the content. Also, you can bring out particular hashtags lists to the multiple post types you craft. Add hashtags lists in your notepad, ready to include in your Instagram posts.

Then, you could select the relevant hashtags to use in your post every time, then searching & applying hashtags every time you are posting. It's an easy way to check the content type already uploaded for these various hashtags. So don't bring out the same mistake as mentioned above.

In simple words, the hashtags that you are using in your posts on the platform should not be repetitive and must be relevant to your post's content.



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