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7 matters to recognize earlier than buying an air conditioner

One. What varieties of air conditioners are there?

The selection of the type of device will depend upon the surface to be cooled, in addition to the installation or financial possibilities. There are several systems: portable, window, wall, centralized gadgets:
•    Laptops are the most inexpensive, do no longer require installation and can be taken anywhere. Of course, its cooling capacity is lower.
•    Window windows are much less and much less used for the reason that their look affects a room. Its installation is simple since they encompass an unmarried unit
•    The cut-up kind is the most not unusual: they include an indoor unit and an outside unit so that they require to set up. Although it is every day for every system to chill a room, there are multiple structures, in which an unmarried outdoor unit can electricity numerous indoor devices.
•    The centralized: big electricity out of doors unit can cool massive installations. The air movements via pipes to the distinct rooms. Due to their cost and protection, they are generally installed nicely in newly constructed residential homes wherein the installation is accomplished, both in the workplace or commercial buildings.
•    Solar air-con: because the call implies, these air-con equipment use solar energy to deliver. By using now not using the electrical modern to perform, no longer only does the quantity of the bills lower, however, the greenhouse gases are decreased. Sun cooling or solar air con is provided as an ecological alternative to traditional systems.

Two. Noise degree of air conditioners

Noise is another crucial component whilst assessing air-con device, so much so that in the new strength labelling there are most emission values, even in lots of municipal rules this fee is also limited, as we will see in the following tables of DECREE 78/1999, of can also 27, which regulates the noise pollution protection regime of the network of Madrid:
Inner, the decibels that an air conditioner or air conditioner can transmit to a home rely on the type of room.
•    In bedrooms, the boundaries are 35 decibels in the day and 30 for the duration of the night time.
•    within the relaxation of the house are 40 decibels for the day and 35 at night time.
Outdoor, in residential regions the decibels that may be emitted 60 decibels throughout the day and 50 decibels during the night time.
Consequently, when assessing within the technical data sheets of the extraordinary models and brands of aircon, we need to keep in mind the emission of noise, and we ought to check it each in the indoor and out of doors units, not handiest by way of the Compliance with this rule however also for consolation, due to the fact no one finds it nice to pay attention uncomfortable noises while they're quietly at domestic

Three. The intake of air conditioners

The aircon gadget has unique consumptions and all this is due to the type of air conditioning or its operation. While we purchase an air conditioner, the very best manner to assess its intake is to study the energy label that all air conditioners have. Beginning from that label, we can realize if it has a high consumption or if on the contrary, it's far very green, which interprets into the low intake. In the following video we will see the intake of an air conditioner:
•    Calculate fridges consistent with cubic meters:
Some other choice to calculate the air conditioning refrigerators that we want is to multiply the cubic meters of the room with the aid of 50. To recognize what number of cubic meters a room as we have to multiply the square meters by using the peak of it. As an example: a room of 20 m2 for a peak of two.5 m2 is a room of fifty m3. To know the fridges we want in that room: 50 m3 X 50 = 2,500 refrigerators

Four. The range of rooms and rectangular meters to be heated

The sort of aircon for which you decide needs to depend a lot at the wide variety of rooms that you have to air, given that depending at the aforementioned, one machine or every other could be tons greater useful. An instance of that is a house with 4 rooms and they all want to be acclimatized: For this, it will likely be a great deal extra handy to put in a Multi-split gadget, with a purpose to have an external unit and 4 internal ones.
But the quantity of rectangular meters also performs a vital position, on account that you'll be capable of realizing which device has more power and performance and that it is going to be best for the room, making certain highest quality intake to the square meters of the room. It's miles exciting to let us propose a technician or specialist within the field with regards to the variety of rooms, the handiest form of air-con, funding and profitability. In this manner, you'll make the first-rate buy of the high-quality aircon in step with your precise wishes.

Five. How an awful lot does an air conditioner fee about?

You need to understand that after the hot season arrives, it is anticipated that the fee of the air conditioner will shoot up to fifteen%. However, there are numerous places wherein you may still discover good offers. Because of this, it's far fine to propose us in unique locations and compare the rate of air con that they currently have. Hence, the fee of window air conditioners begins at 120 euros (3,200 watts, best bloodless) up to 150 euros (4, six hundred fridges); at the same time as the breakup, pass from ninety euros (2,500 w) to 250 euros (6,000 fridges)
The laptops, meanwhile, are positioned in the variety of a hundred and twenty euros (3,000w) to 230 (one hundred fifty, bloodless – warmth), consistent with a take a look at conducted with the aid of an aircon installation business enterprise among the primary homes for sale of domestic home equipment. In all instances, those are reference values and the rate of aircon can vary depending on many elements inclusive of fridges, capability, version, efficiency etc.

Six. What form of the air conditioner is quality selling

Consistent with a survey performed final 12 months by way of the Ministry of electricity, the kind of air conditioning offered in latest years is split air conditioners and is followed by Multi-split. However, the trend is converting and plenty of humans opt for other structures among which we can see inverter warmness pumps, solar air conditioners and so forth.

Seven. How tons does the aircon fee me per month?

If we take as reference the average rate of the kilowatt consistent with hour, which is € 0.15, with a device that has an average consumption of two,000 watts, this is 2 kilowatts (2 kW), an approximate calculation of the 1.5 ton ac price in Bangladesh of activating the machine. Bear in mind that we speak me about a single tool, that is, if you need to attach numerous because there's one in every room, you may multiply the price via the range of centres you have got in your property.

Approximate expenditure after:

•    1 hour: if you have become in your air conditioner that consumes 2 kW for 1 hour, you may spend about € zero.30. If we multiply this amount by the 30 days a month has, the charge would be € 9.
•    10 hours: if we take as a reference a person who works 8 hours an afternoon and spends at home handiest afternoons and evenings (in overall about 10 hours), the kilowatts fed on might be 20 an afternoon, this is, € three each day. What making use of it to the 30 days that has the month, upload a total of € ninety.
•    24 hours an afternoon: even though in case you need to always have your own home with a lower temperature than what it does on the road, you will have to show at the air con day and night time. In this manner, the expense might be tons better, because you'll be eating 48Kw per day, which might have an amount of € 14.4 according to today. Consequently, if you decided to keep it for an entire month, the entire cost could be € 432.
So understand that the principle component earlier than shopping for an air conditioner you should examine the following points before placing it: charge of air con, air conditioning device and discuss with an expert. In this way, you will make the first-class buy of aircon.



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