7 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Eat Chocolate

7 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Eat Chocolate

Pregnancy is a stage where women go through many mood swings and tough stages. Every other day, she craves different food, but a few categories of food are good for her and a few types of food are not good for her. Calories are a type of ingredient which we all need throughout our day, though there are many food items through which we get so many calories but what are all those items who are rich in calories, and those are beneficial for pregnant women as well.

To understand the eating habits of pregnant lady, here are 7 reasons why a pregnant lady should have chocolates in her gestational period:

1. Dark chocolate relives pre-eclampsia: pre-eclampsia is a stage that causes premature labor, which may cause high blood pressure to the women and protein levels in the urine. It leads to convulsion and may cause blood clotting and liver damage. And here dark chocolate helps in relieving from that situation.

2. Regulate blood pressure: theobromine present in cocoa helps to regulate blood pressure in pregnant women and keep her healthy all the time.

3. Prevent heart diseases: since chocolate is antioxidant, it prevents heart diseases and therefore supports the cardiovascular system of women.

4. Relieves stress: it’s proven by studies that dark chocolate helps in enhancing mood, by raising endorphin and serotonin levels in the brain. Study reveals that 1.4 ounces of chocolate every day until 2 weeks, lower the level of cortisol hormone.

5. Give happier babies: it says that the women who eat chocolate during their pregnancy period, give birth to happier and livelier babies. Mothers who do not eat chocolate are in much stress level and had less fearful babies.

6. Good source of iron and magnesium: 100 grams of chocolate provide you 67% of the recommended daily intake of iron and 58% of magnesium. Since iron is essential to maintain the hemoglobin of the body and magnesium help in pregnancy to metabolize the body.

7. Decrease the chance of miscarriage: though there is nothing you can do to prevent miscarriage but women who eat chocolates very often in the gestation period are found 20% less suffering from the problem of miscarriage.

Steps to a healthy pregnancy:

  • See your doctor or midwife as soon as possible during your pregnancy period. Organizing care regularly means having good health advice for that period.

  • Aim to eat a healthy and balanced diet that will take care of the baby inside your womb. At least have 5 proportions of vegetables and fruits, a daily serving of proteins, needs to be increased in your dietary plan. And try to remain hydrated all the time.

  • You need to take a supplement, like the medicines of vitamin-D for your body in the whole of your pregnancy and sometimes beyond.

  • Be very careful about all the food hygiene. Wash your hands before and after having food, since your body and senses all are sensitive in this period, there are chances that you may get ill even by a small mistake.

  • Exercise regularly, it is like a must thing. It helps you to cope up with your body posture. Exercise helps to protect you against pregnancy complications just like a high level of blood pressure.

  • If you are an alcoholic person, then make sure you do not intake even a drop of it throughout your pregnancy became it may leave harmful impact o your body as well and baby as well.

  • Cut back the caffeine level as well as because tea and coffee are the two things that definitely will hamper your internal body. It may increase the risk of miscarriage too. Thus, it can also contribute to the risk of a low birth rate.

  • Another guideline says you should stop smoking strictly because that may cause serious health problems.

Here to conclude, pregnancy is a critical stage and every woman should be careful during this time. every day is like a new complexity where you have to be extra careful about your dietary habits and hygienic one too. There are certain things that you should avoid and few whose intake is a must. Many chocolate companies in Dubai prove beneficial for all pregnant women.

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