7 Trends That Every Web Design & Development Company Is Deploying

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7 Trends That Every Web Design & Development Company Is Deploying

But, the challenge is held, connect and bring the novel ideas every time for every business contacting you for the website development. Will you be able to manage that uniqueness every time? How long will you hold with this mindset? Can you read the brain of the user/viewer and add all those things in their plate that they are looking for? 

Earlier, it was never a possibility, but, now you can do it. 

Are you wondering, how? 

All thanks to technology! Everything is changing, so is the need for users, and so is the website development. 

By adapting these unique trends, you can gain at par experience of web designing and development. 

Let us introduce you with these trends, one-on-one. 

  • AI-optimised sites: Artificial Intelligence(AI) aims at redefining the customer experience as well as that of the concepts of website development. Since AI is based on machine learning, the customer interaction pattern and activity is understood, analysed and then shown to the viewers. When you get all the topics of your interest surfacing one-by-one, you will be more interested in interacting over the site than the other one which is offering static content.

On the development end, the web design and development company is working with Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) that advances designing experience. It enables personalisation of the design and code recommendation based on the feature you are trying to add. This automatically saves the time and effort that developers have to put every time to search for the same things within libraries of different frameworks. 

  • Human-centric websites: Benoit Soucaret, LiveArea's creative director, says that "Human centricity is the heart of everything". One of the most complex jobs is to make the complicated things simpler enough that even layman can understand it. That's what you hire a web design and development company for.

The human-centric websites are designed keeping the human-approach of problem-solving in mind. Trending technologies will help you understand the interaction behaviour of your users and viewers. This design philosophy will help you connect with the end-users in a better way. The simplistic approach is understanding of the problem, breaking it into chunks, implementation of an approach to solve it, and showcasing the benefits of the same. 

  • Minimalism: You want to make your website extra-ordinary, and you add the design elements to do so. But, that's the thing of the past now! 

Minimalistic themes are gaining a lot of traction. With the installation of the minimalistic themes, your entire focus is on the content, then on design. They look stunning as they have usage of specific colours and lesser elements to divert the mind of the viewer. Thus, your message will reach your customers without any hurdles. The sole purpose of your business, delivering the content in the right form to the right customer will be attained easily. The limited use of design elements will boost the performance of your website with the optimisation of the loading speed. 

  • Micro Animations: The way in which users are interacting with the websites has changed over the years. Earlier, a plain HTML site was enough, and now the media content is also enticing enough. Don't you love the videos and GIPHY media content over the plain textual content? 

Of course, you do, and that's why web developers are adopting this trend. But, the massive media content can bring an adverse impact on the performance of the content as well. Micro animations are capable of improving the user-engagement on your website without actually affecting the load speed of your website. This can help you bring the attention of the end-user, and improvise your brand experience by adding some character into it. The intuitive micro-animations can improve the fluidity of customer interaction. 

  • Custom visuals: The need for custom visuals is not only talking about the personalisation of the visual media elements. Instead, your motive is to create appealing visuals with unique design features like responsiveness. That's a whole new game of creating visuals with a certain end-goal in mind. As a part of the bigger picture, the design moment of 2020 can surely give wings to your imagination. Custom visuals are known to empower Business Intelligence (BI) and contribute to the community.  

  • Dark mode: Experience all the new dark modes for your website layout. It's trendy, and that's the first reason for you to go ahead with it. The dark mode gives lesser stress to the viewer's eyes and plays the button of energy saver for the devices. Now, that's a more convincing point that can make you search for the dark mode themes. Also, dark mode helps the people with low-vision to search and explore your website with ease. With the dark mode, you will be working for a greater good and intending to bring in most of your target audience. 

  • Ethical design: You are designing websites for the user, so, it must please them. The concept of ethical designing came into the picture, just for the reason that none of the design elements of the website should hurt any of the viewers on the personal or the emotional level. The inclusive website designing can be considered as a part of ethical designing, which aims at making the website more comfortable to use and acceptable to an entire community of individuals on the planet. LGBTQ inclusive sites are created to target a niche business in a much friendly manner. Ethical web designing is more concerned with the behavioural approach of users with clean and generalised designs. 

Above all, personalisation is the key to designing. We know that every business wants to be unique in its way, and it can stand distinctly if it imbibes its values. As a web design and development company, we help you instil those values in the design of your website, thus, market you for real you. This will automatically improvise the chances for your business to connect with your audience, just the way you want it. If you have a project to discuss, feel free to write to us at sales@wedowebapps.com.