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Goodhealth Industries; as the name signifies; organisation ideal is to work towards providing a GOOD HEALTH to everyone at the most affordable price. In this fast-paced world, where our generation is glued to the laptops and mobiles and missing on the physical activities, it has become very important for them to change their food habits and their food as well, that can provide the necessary ingredients and can save them from doing physical work also. Since Ghee is something which most of us skip considering it a fat food and it makes us fat. Considering the nutritional value of Ghee, GOODHEALTH INDUSTRIES has launched, Livlite Ghee that comes with 85% less cholesterol. This Ghee is ideal for those who have high cholesterol problem or who don’t have enough physical activities to make them fit and keep their Cholesterol in check. It contains all the essentials of a Desi Ghee and helps you stay fit, active and healthy. So if you are from Delhi NCR and looking to buy Livlite Ghee, visit Goodhealth website and can place the order.