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IC Markets review is an independent assessment of the top online FX trading platforms available today. It is produced each and every month and contains a detailed examination of all the leading platforms from around the world. The aim of this IC Markets review is to assist those who are contemplating on signing up with a new online broker to make an informed decision based on the current market conditions. In addition to this, it aims to help potential customers to obtain more information about the various offerings available from such online brokerages and thereby making a more informed decision as to which one is the best for them. Here is an IC Market's review of the top three Forex trading platforms available today. IC Markets, is an established and reputable online foreign exchange brokerage based out of Sydney, Australia (FAS). It is one of the largest and most liquid foreign exchange brokers in the world with over half a Trillion dollars of daily volume, thanks to its five days a week trading hours. The top highlights of this online brokerage firm include: o Professional service: This firm is renowned for its premium services including an easy to use web-based front desk, state of the art customer support, real-time buy/sell indicators, stop loss management, expert adviser, and a variety of market indicators. In addition, it offers traders a wide array of trading styles and strategies. Some of these include range trading, scalp trading, breakout trading, and day trading. The day trading style is one of the most flexible available with this brokerage. The traders may execute up to four trades a day across all markets and time zones. o True ECN trading platform: The top highlight of this Forex trading brokerage is that it provides a true end trading platform to its clients. It has a demo account and practice facility where both beginner and professional traders can interact with the software and trade without risking a penny. It also provides two types of signal generators to ensure accurate and real time trade signals. These are called the RCTPA and the MACD. o Metatrader4 Platform: This is another remarkable highlight in the IC Markets Review. The Metatrader4 platform by itself is considered to be one of the easiest to use trading platforms. It is user friendly and has made it extremely easy for traders to create accounts, transfer funds, and perform other trading functions. One of the greatest aspects of this platform is the fact that it supports a wide variety of currency pairs. It also provides a high degree of security to its users. o Customer Support: If you are interested in trading commodities, then you know that the internet is not the best place to find good customer support. However, if you choose a brokerage firm with strong customer support, then you will get the type of support that you need. You should check out the number of customer support hours before making a decision on the firm. Traders should also make sure that the firm has the ability to answer questions that they might have about the various features of the trading platforms.