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Are you ready to transform your old sofa into a fresh, good-looking, and nice-smelling sofa? If you are, simply call RA Sofa Clean. First, we carefully review your sofa and test it to identify the material that is made of. After that, we pre-treat all the spots with suitable cleaning agents. And finally, we choose the cleaning method - dry cleaning or steam cleaning. When the sofa is delicate and made of 100% natural materials we use dry cleaning. As to steam cleaning, it is used for synthetic and manufactured sofas. Additionally, if you require we can apply a Scotchgard protector. This is our product that adds an extra layer to the sofa. This layer protects against dust and spots. After the cleaning, we carefully review the sofa again to be sure that all the dust, dirt, and stains are completely eliminated. The exceptional results are possible thanks to the professional and certified cleaning agents that don't contain any dangerous substances. That way you don't have to worry about the health of your family. We work only with certified, highly qualified, and experienced cleaners. But that isn't all. By choosing you will take advantage of attractive prices and special discounts. Just phone us on 020 3746 5234.