A Fashionista’s Guide to Wearing Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses at a Modern Wedding

A Fashionista’s Guide to Wearing Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses at a Modern Wedding

Can I let my bridesmaids wear different dresses? The thought must have been bothering you for a long period. On the contrary, there is nothing to wear because mismatched dresses are now trending. The mixing colors enhance the beauty of the whole wedding theme. After all, no woman likes to put on hideous and same dresses at an event. It is quite an experience to put on different dresses for the bridesmaids. Generally, they have grown up seeing maids wearing the same thing; just like uniforms. Walking away from the stereotype makes a win-win situation for all.

The best part is that mismatched dresses are ideal for any type of wedding. When the bridesmaids will exercise this look, they will definitely feel overwhelming. Since the bride is not imposing crazy rules, you cannot pick a few jumble colors. Hence, the ensemble needs to be gorgeous in a proper way. Of course, there is a set of tips to consider. If you take one wrong step, the bridal party will end up looking disoriented. So, take a look at the following section and learn about the tips.

Ask the Bride to Set a Basic Guideline

When a bridesmaid is getting full freedom, things are often not likely to run as planned. Every person has different choices. You cannot get angry if anyone shows up wearing a pair of jeans or a skirt. The etiquette of wearing formal attire may slip their mind. Another worst scenario can be a maid wearing a leopard print skimpy dress. No matter how the situation (ludicrous or eccentric) would be, ask the bride to play safe. Approve a set of styles by the bride to keep up the beauty. In simpler words, an aesthetic guideline is what everyone needs. The array of colors and styles can make things more confusing. Whether it is lace or no lace, floor-length or short, make an elegant list.

Do Not Depend on the List of Features

The bride has suggested mismatched bridesmaid dresses for helping you flaunt your own style. Looking back at the bridesmaid dress history, isn’t it a generous thing to consider? However, many bridesmaids lose fun while finding a dress with numerous features. You can always find a lace dress with intricate work, sequins, and what-not. Unfortunately, the result might not be as expected. In any case, your friend has emphasized minimalism and chosen a very simple gown, things would be a little awkward. Follow the thumb rule: keep the focus on a maximum of two things. One is super fine, too.

So, start the process by choosing a simple silhouette. Then decide on a shade that works well for the theme. Also, choosing between chiffon and lace can be a wise thing to do. However, do not turn up as confused-looking bridesmaid, in the end. If you put on a chiffon A-line dress in rose gold or gold, things will turn out in a positive way.

Focus on the Color Carefully

In most of the cases, things take ugly turns when maids in neon bright dresses roam around. As the queen has trusted her bees with the heavy responsibility, you cannot cross her. After all, it is her day. It does not matter which color you prefer, coordination must be there. Communicate with other maids, create chatting groups, do whatever you wish to do. But the stark contrast created by every bridesmaid could make the wedding a laughing stock. Now, who would want that for her bridesmaid? Choose pastel sheds, coordinating prints, different shades of blue or purple, warm shades, or mixed grey shades – things will remain subtle.

In case, if the fabric is already pre-decided (to be chiffon), don’t forget to browse through the collection of chiffon bridesmaid dresses now.

Author bio: Gertrude Harrison is a fashion blogger who has written multiple articles on how to pick the perfect chiffon bridesmaid dresses. Here, she talks about a few tips on how to don mismatched bridesmaid dresses without much hesitation.

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