A Future of Possibilities - Undergraduate studies in Journalism and Public Administration

A Future of Possibilities - Undergraduate studies in Journalism and Public Administration

In a media environment bursting with potential, we stand today bridging absolute madness in terms of what news sees the light of day and authentic storytelling that can inspire millions. It's really the age of choose-what-you-will. Having said that, it may be necessary for students aspiring to build a better world, to look at the fields of journalism and public administration through a fine-tuned lens. 


If you're just out of school, before considering a bachelor of journalism and communication studies program that is worth your while, it might be ideal to look at what research is pointing at. Every single day as op-ed pieces roll out, as websites fire up with personal voices backed by fact, real-time trends are born. 


Take the example of what Reuters Institute has to say about where the media is moving to, with its current frame of influence - from being gate-keepers to creators, while being within the clutches of platform companies that have complete access to the final audience, from being chosen consciously to becoming a part of "incidental exposure". Reuters Institute has also pointed out how journalism is increasingly fighting a two-fold battle with attention and trust. In short, the times are changing rapidly (spearheaded by a lot of fake news), and the only way to keep up is to find your own axis of truth. 


In not exactly the same way and yet more similar than one could logically explain, public administration is also quickly becoming a field that needs more responsibility and personal commitment. In the light of chaotic world politics and policies. there is a lot of untapped potentials for serious-minded individuals to bring forth their ideas into life, making connections between what is and what can be. 


If the word "innovation" is sitting strongly with you, then you're absolutely right. That's what the world needs as it jostles between changing tides of the public and private sectors, moving from rigid structure to more functional fluidity. And you'd be right to think that an effective, hands-on bachelor of public administration and management program can bring you to grips with the socio-political milieu spreading around you. 


How can you find what you're looking for?


It is true that there is an undeniable connection between the journalistic education you receive and the way your consequent world-view is paved. And under such circumstances, finding programs that can aid your process and personal vision is most important. Here's a quick look at the prominent aspects of an undergraduate program that can help you craft an unfettered future in journalism - 


- One with high awareness-building, a program that allows for public communication to be sharpened and made more precise. 


- One where technological training is given paramount importance so that you can seamlessly weave in and out of mediums of expression. 


- One that focused on finding a voice that is yours, as you negotiate the realms of what you learn in theory and application. 


As you look for undergraduate education in public administration, you have to see how well a program equips you for real-time work. If a program builds upon your skill and knowledge in the following ways, it can be really meaningful :


- Theoretical aspects of public administration and management, so that your foundation in the subject is enriched. 


- The dynamics between administration, leadership, and management, to ensure that you see the big picture while you study and later work in the field. 


- The exposure needed to work in public administration and management, across local as well as international levels. 


There is no debating the fact that change is a constantly unfolding phenomenon in a world that's quickly being blended by technology. But the good news is that clarity of intention and the advantage of education (be it in a bachelor of journalism and communication studies program or a bachelor of public administration and management program) can take you to a place where you can cut through the clutter and lead the efforts. 

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