A Guide To Classic Photo Booths - PhotoWorks Interactive

A Guide To Classic Photo Booths - PhotoWorks Interactive

Photo booths are not going anywhere anytime soon. And, with that reputation, comes a slew of new takes on the classic photo booth. At PhotoWorks Interactive Photobooth Rentals of San Jose, we offer a variety of photo booths, including open-air photo booths, mirror photo booths, DIY photo booths, and digital photo booths with fancy touch screens. And yet, in spite of the entire alternatives, the classic photo booth is still around.

To our mind, there is nothing that can surpass the nostalgic, “spend-all-day-at-the-mall-with-your-squad” feel of an innovative photo booth.


What is a contemporary classic photo booth?

Visualize the retro photo booths that you come across in a mall and you have virtually imagined the appearance and feel of a classic photo booth rental in San Jose. The classic model is a fresh take on the original, with an enclosed booth, half curtain for privacy, and an internal screen with a countdown so you can be prepared with an ideal pose prior to the shot is taken.

In simply less than ten seconds, a photo is ready, finished with a tailored logo exclusively for the party, be it a trade show, birthday, Quinceaneras, wedding, or any other celebration. However, can that classic photo booth try to win in a world of digital photo booths and Snapchat filters?

Well, so much!

Advantages of a classic photo booth

As much as you feel affection for sharing selfies on different social media platforms, there is nothing that can quite surpass the real thing. The following are a few reasons why you will wish for renting a classic photo booth for your party:

  • The Nostalgia Factor

As mentioned earlier as well, there is nothing that can surpass the classic appeal of the retro photo booth. Every guest at the party, right from the baby cousin to grandmother, simply can’t oppose getting in on the action, particularly when it is as recognizable and entertaining as a photo booth. Except, this time, you will not call for having any quarters ready.

  • More Compact

As you know that open-air photo booth rentals in San Jose may possibly have a smaller footprint, however, the classic photo booths take up less total space. For the reason that space for making a pose, lighting, camera, and backdrop are all en suite to the 4’x25’ machine, it is a one-stop, drop-off, ready-to-go activity.

So, a classic photo booth has to covered, if you have restricted room at the party site, with no wiggle space and no place for a decent backdrop, like it has at all times.

  • It Is Private

Not every person takes pleasure in the limelight, so having a curtain to close behind you when you are just going to goof off with a fake mustache will help event the quietest wallflowers bloom. Shy kids can have room to go nuts, couples can smock away, and a serious uncle does not have to allow any person to observe him in a purple and yellow wig. The interior, comfortable setting builds a warm place that is simply about the two individuals in the photo booth.

  • Superior Lighting

The blend of up-close lighting and closed settings leads to the superior quality of photos, which is science. Classic photo booths do not depend on the site of the party for ideal selfie lighting. Everything is contained, so everything is organized. No worries regarding the spotlights of DJ or the up-lighting of the party site casting odd shadows on the face of the bride. Simply the perfect, bright, flattering lights with no interference, every time!

  • Souvenirs

We admit it that there is an appeal to having a digital photograph to share on the Facebook feed, but having a physical collage or photo strip that you can take a look at every day? Priceless! Photo strips make the best favor for the party: no person would like to throw them out and they typically put them somewhere they can take a look at them every day. It is an ideal prospect to show off the business logo. And, at PhotoWorks Interactive Photobooth Rentals of San Jose, the guests will not be required to pay a cent and they will have unrestricted visits. What another wedding favor is infinite?

  • Cooler Accessories

No matter what type of photo booth rental in San Jose you opt for, you will be provided with a plethora of options to get it customized. However, when you opt for a classic photo booth, there are several things that the other photo booths do not have. For instance, a colored LED and a neon sign are available in classic photo booths only, and they create the coolest effect in a dark reception hall.

The false wood wrap is one more thing that you can go with when you opt for renting a classic photo booth. The majority of other photo booths just are available in black and white even though you can always change it up with a custom wrap, however, the classic photo booth even comes with an artificial wood choice with the intention of giving it a rustic appearance.

You do not have to compromise

“Classic” does not have to signify “traditional” when it comes to photo booth. The entire range of photo booths that we have to offer has been updated to contemporary standards and includes:

  • Instantaneous printouts
  • Tailored photo strips
  • USB flash drive with the entire photos
  • Unrestricted visits for every guest
  • Professional attendant included
  • Props included
  • Video messaging
  • Access to digital photos

It is 2019 and yet, regardless of the entire updates photo booths have undergone over the years, the classic photo booth rentals in San Jose is still going strong. It is a retro appeal, compact size, amazing lighting, and sweet accessory choices make the vintage photo booth an ideal preference, regardless of what event you are hosting.

Approach us today to make a booking for the next party or event!


No matter you are looking to rent or buy your own photo booth, you can always count on approaching us at PhotoWorks Interactive Photobooth Rentals of San Jose. We have been successful in delivering the most promising photo booth services for a variety of parties, events, and celebrations. We provide a full range of photo booths and you can even get it tailored for a specific sort of party. In order to make sure that your party turns out to be the most exciting and enjoyable for every guest, renting a photo booth has become mandatory these days. In addition, we also offer a wide variety of props that can even be personalized depending on the theme of the party or the corporate event. A professional photographer is also provided along with every photo booth. If you are also planning for a party or a corporate event in the near future, make sure you approach us for the best in class photo booth rentals in San Jose. We provide you with an opportunity to get custom themed prints and various backdrops in addition to bespoke designs for branding. We make use of high-tech equipment, including camera and printer. Contact us today for more details +1 (800) 990-8445!

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