A Guide to Find the Best Variety of Chipotle in Australia

A Guide to Find the Best Variety of Chipotle in Australia

If you are looking to buy chipotle in Australia to try your hands at Tex-Mex cuisines, it’s better to start by knowing more about this unique spice. So, let’s dig in more:
Basics about Chipotle
Chipotle is a popular chilli variety in both Mexican and North American cuisines. The earthy and smoky flavour adds more tang to your food, whether you prefer it in ground form or use as a seasoning with other spices or herbs.  
Jalapenos are available in many varieties, but chipotle is made exclusively from Morita Jalapenos. They originate in the northern state of Chihuahua in Mexico. Since antiquity, this spice has been popular for its tangy, spicy taste. The trend and popularity continue till date.  
Chipotle has its appearance similar to jalapenos in the whole form. They are 2-3 inches longer and flattened due to the drying and smoking. Also, the chillies are wrinkled
The Flavour Profile and Hotness of Chipotle
The level of heat as per Scoville scale is medium for chipotle, just like jalapenos. It has a score ranging from 2500-8000 units on the Scoville Scale.  However, you may expect the heat to be on the higher side.  
Since the process of making chipotle peppers involves ripe red jalapenos, they have a higher level of capsaicin. It makes the chillies hotter with high median heat when compared to green and unripened jalapenos. Though, in comparison with other chillies like cayenne or habanero, chipotle is only moderately hot.
Nutritional Profile of Chipotle
Every tablespoon of dried chipotle powder contains three grams of fibre and 24 calories. Apart from these, this chilli variety also has lots of minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin B6, Vitamins A, Potassium, Iron, and Riboflavin.
The Taste Profile of Chipotle
The slightly sweet and smoky taste of chipotle makes it a mainstay for most of the kitchens. The smoking process results in this distinctive taste. The unique sweetness comes from the time spent by the pepper on the vines.  
Also, red jalapenos tend to be sweeter than green jalapenos. You can spice up any bland dish with this chilli powder. The rich leathery notes of flavour can blend with other strong flavours as well.
The Health Benefits of Chipotle Peppers

Since chipotle peppers have a high content of capsaicin, they have many health benefits as well. You can buy chipotle in Australia either in its whole form or as dried powder. Add this spice to your dishes ads a seasoning and boost your metabolism. It also helps to reduce weight, control blood pressure, and manage diabetes.  
Regular use of chipotle also leads to the prevention of certain types of cancers in the body. It defends your body against intestinal diseases and aids better digestion.
The Culinary Uses of Chipotle
Although chipotle is a sensational ingredient for Mexican food, it spices up many other recipes as well. It is versatile due to its unique smoky flavour. So, you can add it to the BBQ sauces or sprinkle on the popcorn. Mexican-inspired cuisines get a mild spiciness with chipotle.  
From your quesadillas to tacos, stews, and casseroles, you can use it wherever you want to add a spicy aroma. You can also use chipotle in your breakfast eggs or as huevos rancheros seasoning.  
In the north United States, it is a common ingredient for salsas, soups, and barbeques. Hot sauces with chipotle are popular among Tex-Mex recipes. Some famous chipotle recipes include:
       Chipotle carrot soup that carries the earthy and spicy flavours with sweetness of carrots
       Maple chipotle syrup to add some smokiness to your daily breakfast. Use this syrup on your salmon or chicken; it tastes divine in every way
       Get the perfect blend of sweet and smoky spiciness with chipotle hot chocolate cookies
       Chipotle chicken wings for the best combination of spicy chipotle chilli and honey
       Chipotle tacos with shredded radish and cabbage can be an interesting twist to the traditional tacos. Get the perfect smoky flavour heightened by slow cooking
Where to Find and How to Buy Chipotle
It may be hard to find the best type of chipotle at a supermarket near you. But, you can buy this spice from the online stores that sell ground chipotle in packaged form. Using ground chillies is easier than the whole peppers. So, you can go for the chilli powder available in an airtight pack.  
When buying any spice like chipotle from an online store, don’t forget to check the packaging date to ensure the freshness of the chilli. Also, read the label to check ingredients, date of expiry, or any other important information related to the spice. Lastly, check the reviews of the seller to see if they deal with the authentic spices only.

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