A Matter of Perspective: 6 Things to Consider for Your Bathroom Vanity

A Matter of Perspective: 6 Things to Consider for Your Bathroom Vanity

Getting a bathroom vanity is a great choice no doubt. But deciding what kind of vanity to go for can be very difficult. And it is very important to keep in mind various things about your bathroom space before you install vanity cabinets.

All bathrooms are build in different ways, be it their space, design, or plumbing. And all these are considerations that you need to take in order to give your bathroom a perfect vanity cabinet design that is functional and storage efficient without any compromise on space. There are many companies that offer discount bathroom vanities of numerous sizes. This certainly enables you to go for one which complies with all your bathroom considerations in the most perfect manner.

Here are 6 perspectives you need to have while choosing a bathroom vanity:

  1. The Who of Using: First of all, you need to know who is going to use your bathroom. For example, if you and your partner will be using it, more so during the same early hours of the day, then it is better to opt for a double sink discount cabinet. If you are by yourself, get a single sink cabinet.

        And, if you are one of those who are much into makeup and hairdos, it is suggested to go for a cabinet that has            more counter space and storage to accommodate the essentials.

  1. The Why of Plumbing: “Where there is plumbing, there is vanity”. And unless you want to spend a fortune on your bathroom decor, you would certainly want to believe this phrase.

        A regular floor-mounted vanity is perfect for a typical plumbing layout; whereas if you want a wall-mounted or               floating cabinet design, you will have to move your plumbing setup for the sink. If you have a regular plumbing              set up which is more probable, and you decide to go for it, then it narrows down the design of your discount                   bathroom vanities considerably.

  1. The Where of Positioning: Here’s the thing, a bathroom design can always be changed. But what about doors and walls? If you can move doors and bring down walls, then you can easily skip this part of course. But for those of you who cannot, it is important to keep in mind a few things:
  • Door swing- Make sure that your bathroom door does not hit the vanity cabinet when you enter the bathroom. This can hurt the vanity, the door and as well as your sentiments.
  • The toilet- Keep in mind to have ample space between the toilet and the cabinets. You would certainly not want to face hindrances while going to answer Nature’s call.
  • Traffic- Make sure your discount bathroom vanities do not come in the way of accessing your bathroom space. Bumping into them every then and now can get you really frustrated and bruised too.

         Make measurements with tape or call a contractor to do it for it. They will have a better idea of space and                      positions.

  1. The How Much Of Storage: Depending on the space that you require, you have to choose the kind of storage you need. For example, drawers are pulled out to the front and doors swing out to the side. Depending upon the position of your discount bathroom vanities and the layout of your bathroom, you might have to choose one over another or more of one and less of the other, or all of one and none of the other.

Keeping these 5 perspectives in mind will help you a lot in choosing a perfect set of discount bathroom vanities that upholds and complements your bathroom décor in the perfect manner.


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