A Seller’s Guide To Writing Effective Product Descriptions

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A Seller’s Guide To Writing Effective Product Descriptions

In this era of continuously developing e-commerce business, selling the products through monotonous ways, can lead any e-commerce business towards its destruction. These days buyers do not add the products to their carts despite of appealing product images.

Can you think of any possible reason, that e-commerce businesses might be missing out on?

The most common mistake made by various e-commerce portals is that, the product description they upload only serves the purpose of just informing the customers about the product and not selling it.

What is product description all about?

A good product description is a written copy, that explains the important features of the product, giving an insight into the advantages of buying the product. This includes all the necessary details, that are required to identify with the product like its model, ingredients, uses, warranty, manufacturing etc.

Most importantly, an effective product description is a marketing copy that aims to give maximum information about the product, which compels the buyer to purchase it.  

Why is product description necessary?

If this question is still hovering over your mind, it is time to amplify your game. Yes, a good product description is one of the most critical aspects of an e-commerce portal’s product listing.

For example, while selling a product in a traditional brick-and-mortar store, the way to approach customers is by engaging them into polite conversations, through which they are made aware about the product. This may involve demonstration of the product if required and after that, convincing the customers on why they need to purchase it, by explaining its benefits. 

So while selling products on an e-commerce platform, the most effective way to convince the customers for making a purchase, is through good product description. In simple words, the job of a good salesman on e-commerce platform, is performed by an effective product description. Playing with the words and creating a personalized and attractive product description, play a vital role in increasing the product sales on e-commerce platforms.         

According to an e-commerce study, upto 20% of the failed purchases are because of the inexplicit product information. Hence it is very important to mention detailed information about the product, and assemble it together in such a way that it compels the buyer to make a purchase. A fruitful tip for writing a potent product description is by placing yourself in the buyer’s shoe and then writing it accordingly.   

Basics steps to follow while writing good product descriptions  

Below mentioned are the most basics steps that e-commerce portals, need to follow while writing good product descriptions.   

1. Users identification: Begin by identifying the target audience. It is extremely important to align the content with the users’ interests. Formulating all the ideas while writing the product description, around the users’ interest is necessary. 

2. Laying out the basics: While giving out the basics it is necessary to mention all the important features of the product like the product’s colour, size, shape, warranty, fabric, dimension, etc. Leaving out any specification or the descriptive details can have an adverse effect on the business sales. 

3. Defining utility: Explaining the customers about how the product is going to add value to their life in a detailed product description, is also required. 

4. Listing all the distinctive features:List out all the various distinct features of the product in the description, and elaborate all of them vividly. Define the function of each feature and focus on the usage of the product. 

5. Mention the benefits:Mentioning the advantages that resolve the basic concerns of the customers in the product description is extremely important. 

6. Explain how to use: Specify the process through which the buyers can use the product, and also describe the product functioning in detail.   

Technique to present an outstanding product description 

There are various ways of positioning the above mentioned steps. But the goal of the product description should be influencing and impacting the customers’ mind, irrespective of the technique of presenting a product description. Below mentioned are a few techniques, that e-commerce portals can use to enhance their product description and, make their products look more appealing and presentable.     

1. List out features and focus on the benefits 

List down all the qualities and the characteristics of the product, and write them in order that it appeals to the customers. Remember to keep the most useful features at the top of the list and the less important ones in the end. If a product has common features but is high on advantages, then don’t forget to highlight the advantages first in the description. Explain the advantages of the product using real-life examples and, describe how the product supports the buyer in their day-to-day life.   

2. Use sensory attributes for standing out 

Most of the times customers buy a particular product from an e-commerce portal, just because it is easy to imagine how it would taste or feel, after going through the product’s description. It is proven that the use of sensory words for describing the products, enhance sales on e-commerce platforms. Therefore, make sure to mention sensory attributes, in case of writing descriptions for the groceries, electronic gadgets or various apparels. The use of sensory attributes provides the customers with space, to imagine the final appearance of the product.     

3. Tell a story and attach real life proof 

Using a story in a description to connect with the customers, provides them a sense of predictability and helps them to visualize the product in a better way. In addition to this, listing a customer’s testimonial along with the product’s description, helps to build a reliable customer base.    


In a nut shell, it is extremely necessary to analyze the buyers’ needs and hence create an effective product description that attracts more customers and revenue. One such e-commerce portal that focuses on writing an effective product description and, hence provide an enhanced shopping experience to the customers is, WAKI. 

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