About Photograpix's Site In 2019

About Photograpix's Site In 2019

Much like the last two decades, as the Very First post of this Calendar Year, '' I Simply take the pencil to take stock of 20-16 and inform you of those topics which I will address on your site of Photograpix at 2019...

However, before everything, I Want to wish you a very happy new Year 2019, good well-being, with amazing images and what and everything...

Therefore, what did I do this past year on the website, and what am I Going to talk about this year?

1. Continue the presentation of photo editing applications...

... and retain all these articles up to date.

The picture editing program will be your operating tool for the photographer. Without him, no beautiful digital images. To get a site that aims to take care of image editing, then it really is the minimum I can do: examine and present the application solutions that exist around the market. The target, always the same, is to allow you to provide you with the maximum of elements to allow you to decide on exactly the (s ) ) pc software remedy (s) perfect adapted to your own needs. We offer the foremost outstanding high-end image retouching and touchup services by our extremely expert skilled graphic designers with the most quality.

If You're a newcomer to this particular blog and you also begin editing Images, start by reading the content which presents the different types and software for editing.

With 4 posts printed a year ago ( Uncooked Therapee, Uncooked Camera, DxO Optics Pro, and VueScan ) I'm in 15 software of image-processing within the weblog. The others such as Photoshop Elements, Components Organizer, Affinity Image and Lightroom have also been updated.

Yet I still have some essential to gift earlier Promising to have a truly comparative list worthy of the name. I'm presuming of Capture One Pro, Darktable, or Paint Shop Pro, which will be featured this year.

All this is a great deal of function. Additionally, you Ought to Know That That the area of image enhancing applications moves fast, quickly. This is what happened in 2016 such as:

Picasa has been removed by Google (All As )

Exactly the Google Nik Collection (and sure, again), a software package Of 6 merchandise extremely finish and powerful, has become liberated. When you have not downloaded yet, you know what you want to do...

Affinity Photo becomes Windows harmonious and offers a Plausible alternative to those who want to leave Photoshop

The new program has appeared such as Luminar (such as Mac and maybe for Windows in 2019)

Others, finally, are being generated (I'm thinking in Special of the Adobe Nimbus job ).

When I include the annual releases of applications including Photoshop Factors and Components Organizer, this subject is not prepared to avoid...

2. Keep on to deal with the major topics of image editing.

This really is what I attempt to do because practically the launching with This Site by answering the huge questions Spartan photographers ' are asking. Among the topics raised a season: what's the DNG format? , What is the gradient program? , or do you've got to print your own photos?

Back in 20-19, I proposed to answer inquiries of the style So, TIF Format or PSD to save his editing work? Or just how to understand which enhancing to utilize for your own images?

3. Carry on to Chat about Lightroom

With 21.6% of people voting Lightroom because the applications they Used probably the most in 2016, they're ahead of their camera for its second consecutive year in Photoshop (by the way, in the event you wish to vote it really is right there on your own right...). The main reason to keep on publishing content on the favorite applications of photographers.

4. Evaluation gear

Re Touching your graphics can be using gear adapted to Your needs (monitor, graphics tablet, scanner, redesign, evaluation pattern, printer, and so on...).

Presenting Materials that I have or testing material that I do not own may be of interest. What do you think?

So I contacted some makers including Wacom, the Famous producer of graphics tablets. I will have to receive a product to try in a few months (I do not let you know more for today...).

5. Republish video tutorials

It had been clearly one of those targets announced last year, also nothing has Switched on that side. Ironically the famed resolutions of the beginning of the calendar year, therefore, challenging to hold. On the flip side, I will declare the new jingle that can accompany the videos of my YouTube stations and Dailymotion is willing and that Santa gave me a microphone tie. In summary, I have been ready so close...

6. Present more image presentations and sharing solutions

That overly was among those goals outlined last calendar year. With one Article devoted to Joomeo, the purpose is far from being achieved. To triple or triple the number of posts devoted to this area in the event, so, be as far as possible...


That is it, nothing revolutionary that this year beneath the Breton Solar (yes, yes, it occurs!). I live the path and it is not so bad (nicely, I think).


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