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Accessorising your tractor: is it a need or just for show?

In today’s times, when you think about farming, the first investment that almost comes instantly to your mind is to make it in a good, functional, long-lasting tractor. Depending upon your needs, it could range from a low HP (Horse Power), to a mid-range or high HP tractor for greater performance. As a result, the variety in usage of implements also becomes a big factor. From the weight of the implement itself, to the distance it needs to utilised in and the frequency of use, not only in every session of usage, but also the season as a whole.

For these very reasons, it is essential to have more than the base make and structure of the tractor to depend on. So, in order to achieve this not only in an economically efficient manner but also to optimise productivity and efficiency of each and every farming session no matter what time of the year, the best thing is to accessorise your tractor. The major aspects you must always consider are as follows:

  1. Wheels: Depending on the season, i.e., whether its summer or winter, it is ideal to equip your tractor in the most optimal manner to suit the weather. So, in order to do that, it’d be more than ideal to get standard tyres for summer with normal grip and get the winter tyres with maximum grip without compromising on mobility for the highest degree of productivity in the season.


  1. Electronic Aids: Things like managing ground incline, speed and RPM along with the forward and backward gear systems and other things such as a music system are all an essential part of maximising output with your tractor. As a farmer, you’d always know what gear to be in while you’re working through various types of land with different levels of incline to make sure that you’re always using the tractor optimally without putting any unnecessary stress on the machine.


  1. Canopy: No matter if you’re toiling through the farmland in the winters or the summer, it is best to protect yourself from the harsh heat, the raging rains or the chilling cold. To meet all of these needs, the best equipment you can add to a tractor is a canopy. It’ll protect you and your tractor, all to enhance the ability to keep going and get the most out of each one of your farming sessions.


  1. Steering Wheel: The right size, the right grip and the right type of steering wheel is a crucial factor in ensuring that you get exactly the kind of output you need from the tractor at any given moment while you’re farming. A great steering wheel means making your tractor do exactly what you want it to. Regardless of season, terrain or any kind of circumstance, the possibilities with just the right steering are truly endless!


  1. Headlight and Back Lights: The need for the right kind of lights for a tractor cannot be stressed on enough. These lights have to be ‘right’ both with the right amount of brightness offered as output and the power used. Whenever you’re in need of the slightest amount of headlight or backlight output, it is important to make sure that they’re the right fit both for your tractor and your farming needs. This is not true for the obvious reasons, but also to make sure that you can maximise productivity even when natural light itself might not be at its best.

So, now that you’re completely caught up with what you need to optimise productivity with your tractor, the obvious next question is “where do I get all this for my tractor?” Well, the answer is quite simple, you can get all of the accessories with the exact same benefits as mentioned above and way more with Digitrac. Digitrac is a tractor manufacturer that makes some of the best tractors in India. Also, being a part of Escorts Ltd., there is an immense factor of brand trust that its consumers enjoy whenever they purchase Digitrac’s products or avail it’s services. Speaking of, Digitrac offers a multitude of products and tractor services to its customers. Be it the power and performance of a 50HP tractor, or even a 60HP tractor. Or the many, many tractor accessories the brand provides to its customers when they come in to purchase their Digitrac tractor.



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