Accounting Document Management

Accounting Document Management

What are Accountants looking for?

Accountants have traditionally been highly dependent on paper. And they are becoming increasingly aware of the high costs of managing paper-based files and the limitations associated with the processing inefficiencies. In addition email has become the communication tool of choice and it is extremely inefficient to print off all emails to keep a client file up to date. Practice Management, Tax Software and Accounting Systems are utilised to generate client documents and in many cases duplicate documents are created for filing purposes. And there are numerous documents stored on network drives which need access and filing too. This all adds up to having to support a variety of documents in various locations, with inherent duplication, security, access and inefficiency issues.

Accountants are now looking at solutions to increase their productivity and efficiency by reducing their dependence on the paper store and by maintaining a single storage environment for all client information in all formats. In addition information needs to be available both locally and remotely, and access to the information needs to be provided when visiting clients.



How can we help?

The Docusoft DMS is an ICAEW accredited document management solution that will manage all your paper, emails, and all other documents in a single environment.

The Docusoft DMS is a comprehensive solution for capturing, managing and processing documents. This core software includes a wide range of integration options, email management, extensive paper capture options, integration with MS-Office for document filing, file capture and import options, extensive search and retrieval, an fast document viewer, and a whole host of other functions to improve efficiency and productivity. Users can fully customise the filing structures to meet specific requirements which also enable access controls to be applied. The Docusoft DMS is a secure document store where no information can be accidently deleted, also included is a comprehensive audit trail to maintain compliance. The secure Docusoft Portal and the Docusoft PDF Merge tools are just two of the added value products provided to deliver enhanced document processing and delivery capabilities.



The benefits of Docusoft


Controlled access to files and folders
All documents are in one location
Backup and recovery is easily managed
All activity is audited
Regulatory compliance is enhanced


Access to files by a variety of indexing fields
Filing/indexing is consistent
Secure, shared access to every document
Search by content using OCRd
Access to all information in any electronic format



Reduce storage
Release office space
Hard copy filing is reduced if not eliminated
Save money



Eliminate lost time manually searching for files
Increase response time to client requests
Manage and enhance business processes
Increase productivity

Welcome To Docusoft

Docusoft has been successful in implementing software solutions that deliver efficiency and productivity to a wide range of clients since 2003. The Docusoft suite of solutions are effective where there is a requirement for structured indexing, where document and process compliance is necessary, and where there is a significant dependence on document handling, processing and workflow. The Docusoft DMS is a comprehensive solution for managing all documents in a single environment. It includes all the key functions to capture and retrieve any document in any format, store documents securely, provide user access controls, search using both structured and unstructured (OCR) techniques and deliver documents to users using an integrated workflow.


About Docusoft


Docusoft has been successful in implementing software solutions that deliver efficiency and productivity to a wide range of clients since 2003.

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