All about DME Prior Authorization at Only $7 Per Hour

All about DME Prior Authorization at Only $7 Per Hour

According to a report, the global durable medical equipment (DME) market size is expected to reach USD 271 billion by 2026 registering a CAGR of 6.1%. In fact, Asia Pacific is expected to register the highest CAGR from 2019 to 2026. Owing to the presence of a large target population base and improving healthcare facilities, increasing demand of the DME market is not only limited to medical and technological advancement but also increased in aged population and chronic diseases

  • Increasing of the aged population - the growth of the geriatric population across the globe is primarily responsible for the DME market growth. As people aged 60 years or above are more prone to health issues, such as diabetes, mobility issues, Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs), and other lifestyle and mobility problems, thus creating demand for DME products.
  • Chronic Diseases- as years are passing by, there is a rising rate in chronic diseases such as kidney failures and cancer are been frequently noticed.
  • Medical and technological advancement- strong reimbursement along with medical and technological advancement also helps in the rising demand of the DME market.

With the anticipated to be the fastest-growing, for ensuring successful business flow in DME domain, the healthcare provider needs an operational extension that can solve all the simple to complex DME prior authorization services. This is why PriorAuth Online is here to help.

PriorAuth Online: Answer to all your DME Prior Authorization Crisis:

Keeping all with the records up to date records of the changing authorization rules and regulation, PriorAuth Online is here to help every client have a seamless DME prior authorization process by:

  • Authorization initiation is started- information is obtained in this first stage, which is necessary for the treatment process. This then is followed by authorization initiation. Next patient name, DOB, ordering provider’s name, NPI, Tax ID, address, phone no along with insurance information is collected. We also ensure a proper check on the diagnosis code, units for each and every service code, if ordering physician is PECOS certifies or not
  • Requesting for authorization - this is the most critical part where documentation/ records is been completed accurately collected through fax, call etc. after verified and validated the documentation along with the authorization request is done. In this process, it is significant to maintain constant oversight over all prior authorization requests that are outstanding
  • Continuous follow-up is made - our second last steps ensure investigating to resolve whether the patient is eligible based on payer requirements for prior authorization. Once this is prepared, prior authorization is initiating through outbound calls, portal etc as per payers’ protocols/guidelines. Here waiting on the approval or denial of their request for ongoing authorization happen
  • Updating the authorization process- This concludes with providing additional documents/ data if requested by the payer. This ends up by getting all the prior authorization results to update in the billing system.

Ensuring an 80% operational cost reduction, 99.9% accuracy rate; PriorAuth Online powered by Sunknowledge Services Inc is the key solving all your simple to complex DME (Durable Medical Equipments) prior authorization problems.

Providing robust reporting according to the client’s requirements, PriorAuth Online is known for its tailored customized solution with a complete operational transparency. In fact, PriorAuth Online approach of doctor office follow-up and patients calling, make them unique of its own.

Taking a complete DME prior authorization responsibility, the PriorAuth Online team is focused on closing all authorization initiation, approval and follow-up faster and efficiently.

With 100% prior authorization submission on the same day to 100s of satisfied clients with excellent industry reference across the US, PriorAuth Online never botched to reach any client's expectation. Helping all the clients with a stress-free authorization process that they have always desired and an effective cash flow generation, PriorAuth Online is the one-stop DME prior authorization destination being key to all prior authorization crises.

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