An exclusive look inside the AIS Glass Villa, Goa designed by Sameep Padora with interiors by Tarun Tahiliani

An exclusive look inside the AIS Glass Villa, Goa designed by Sameep Padora with interiors by Tarun Tahiliani

Brilliant architect Sameep Padora meets fabulous fashion designer, Tarun Tahiliani and the two come together for the first time to design the AIS Glass Villa overlooking the backwaters of Goa

The glass façade by AIS Glasxperts (the architectural division of Asahi India Glass Limited) shows some pioneering use of glass by keeping out excess heat, light and sound, ensuring efficient energy consumption, while beautifully reflecting the sky and trees around the property

They’re unlikely allies but they work together like a charm. In a freewheeling conversation among themselves, Sameep Padora and Tarun Tahiliani talk about the making of this magnificent home in Gos their individual, whimsical flourishes to it, and the innovative use of glass by Asahi India Glass.

Goa Glass Villa

Tarun Tahiliani: Let’s make this an architectural truth or dare. Sameep, tell us, when we started, was this collaboration an odd request? We didn’t know each other. There was no existing friendship. And the lines were not fully defined. There was always a grey area. Now that it’s complete—without too much heartburn—what did you think of our collaboration?

Sameep Padora: Yeah, it was interesting because the image I had of you in my mind, before I knew you, was completely different. You’re flamboyant and much more out there than we are. We’ve always been a bit under the radar in a sense.

TT: Poor thing, suddenly found himself!


SP: It’s true! But I have to add, your sense of humour is amazing. I’m not sure if it’s common knowledge, but I had no idea about this side of you. It took me completely by surprise. I feel like you need humour to make a connection. Anyway, tell me why you chose us.

TT: Well, you designed Indigo Deli for my cousin Malu (Malini Akerkar). It’s in the middle of a mall (Palladium), which is spectacular. It’s an igloo-meets-spaceship [design]; how does someone even do that in wood? I ate there quite often because of fashion weeks. And then it was also about glass and how one could use it. We have a banal view of glass; for instance, you put it in a window. But glass used in the auto industry is so sophisticated. And architectural glass is very relevant to us in tropical climates. We want air conditioning, but we don’t want to hide the outside. We want to look out at the beautiful monsoon. So there were many reasons why I was interested in working with you on this. I’m a classicist. I like to move the wheel a bit, but I felt that you like to move the wheel a lot. I realised there would be challenges along the way, but I figured this could really work.

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