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Basic Tips to Be a Bodybuilder

As we all know already, to be able to become a bodybuilder and introduce yourself into this world you have to get to it with total dedication and with absolute faith and vision of what you want to become, due to the type of training and diets that it entails .

Therefore, bodybuilder training is very different from other disciplines, focusing mainly on the different routines that serve to tone your body and serve as maintenance, since the bodybuilder's preparation is designed to arrive in the best state in a way to certain key moments of the season, such as contests or contests, such as the well-known Arnold Classic

That is why the world of bodybuilding has its own principles, which must be followed carefully, otherwise the results will not be as expected, leading the athlete to frustration

Work each muscle group in due course: that is, the ideal is to work each muscle once a week because unlike other sports, where you can train the muscles with 48 hours of recovery, the bodybuilder should focus on the quality of the Training more than quantity. It is true that there are muscles that, being smaller, can be trained several times a week due to their ability to recover the fibers.

We will give certain tips or advice to train as a bodybuilder and try to take your routines:

Perform three series of each of the exercises: one of the basic principles of bodybuilding is that each of the 3 series of which an exercise will consist of it must be performed with the maximum intensity possible, so as not to let the body rest in each of the series.

And to each of the different muscle groups you have to dedicate 4 different exercises so that in this way muscle growth is activated.

Strength and Hypertrophy: you should train at maximum intensity possible and always trying to raise the weights in each of the series, so that the outside and hypertrophy come into play

Train the power: to be able to train the power we must take into account doing the exercises at the maximum possible speed and reaching up to 3-6 repetitions without reaching the fault.

For power work on legs you can use any of the following machines:

  • Solid Rock leg press up to 480 kg load
  • Plyometric wooden drawer for multisaltos

The breaks will be between 3 and 5 minutes between the series, since you have to let the body recover the energy needed to produce enough power in the next series.

Resistance and volume: In order to increase muscular endurance, what you should look for are the exercises and series of 10 to 12 repetitions that help you, although this type of training also helps increase muscle growth

All this must be complemented with specially prepared weight training machines to be able to withstand the maximum possible weight without compromising its structure, such as our power cage, since a machine failure with a very high weight can lead to Very serious injury and long time without competing. To bulk up more, you can try out some hgh injections as well.

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