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Best and worst use of gym outfit outside of the gym

However, things are not as simple as just walking out of your gym in whatever you’ve been wearing to exercise. Certain outfits and clothing pieces are a no-go outside of the gym while others can be incorporated quite nicely and fashionably into your casual sporty wear, even when you’re not in the gym. If you want to avoid making some fashion mistakes in this regard, keep on reading.

1. Full-on gym gear is not for daily wear

For starters, it’s important to make it clear that unless you’re going for a jog around the block, a full-on gym outfit shouldn’t be worn in any other place aside from the gym. For instance, if you’re wearing leggings and a sports crop top to the gym, you probably shouldn’t go shopping in the same outfit, let alone grabbing coffee with friends and similar. However, you can make your gym look more appropriate for finishing up some chores by throwing on a hoodie, longer tank top, or a clean T-shirt.

2. Be mindful of colors

In general, gym wear tends to be really bright and colourful; neons are especially popular. But, if you want to integrate your gym clothes into your regular outfits, you should go with toned down and less bright options. As you’re probably already aware, crop tops are very trendy but you should go for a more casual cut and design, without obvious sporty neon patterns. That way, it’s easier to match these with other pieces, especially high-waisted jeans and shorts. Throw a flowy cardigan on top and you’ll look positively trendy and cute.

3. Always choose top-quality leggings


Just like with crop tops, you don’t have to ditch color when it comes to wearing your gym leggings on a daily basis, but make sure that the combo of colors is not over-the-top and too neon, which makes it a dead giveaway that you use these leggings for exercising. Solid colors with minimal patterns are perfectly fine. Most importantly, you should always invest in top-quality gym leggings as these will then become very versatile. Great gym leggings will be comfortable for exercising but will also pair great with other clothing bits. For instance, you can wear your leggings under skirts and dresses (and even shorts), pair them with longer shirts and tunics and even just wear them with a longer cardigan.

4. Use accessories to style up

Obviously, if your goal is to rock athleisure fashion, you won’t have to add too much bling. But, it’s still important to elevate your whole look a bit and take it up a notch from the common relaxed style of sportswear. For instance, if you opt for leggings and cardigan look, or maybe even the matching set of flattering sweatpants/joggers and hoodie, you can boost the overall look and impact with fancier sneakers, a nice watch, fresh makeup, and some delicate jewellery pieces such as small earrings and dainty necklace.

5. Leave worn, faded items for the gym

It’s not uncommon for gym clothes to get a bit faded and worn-out over time. Of course, you should make sure that you wear proper clothes to the gym, too, but you still have more room for older-looking items at the gym than in other public places. That said, if you want to use some gym clothing pieces for your athleisure style outside of the gym, make sure to opt for newer quality pieces instead of the old, already faded ones. The same goes for your sneakers, too.

It’s not that gym outfits are forbidden to wear anywhere else. Still, it’s crucial that you know how to style different pieces properly and opt for the best quality materials and flattering cuts. In that respect, you have more layering freedom and creativity when it comes to putting together different outfits as well. 




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