Best Hong Kong Sights You Should See

Best Hong Kong Sights You Should See

The wonder never ends in Hong Kong, a city where super-tall skyscrapers are the norm and about seven million people take residence. 260 islands also call this ultra-modern cosmopolitan home as do countless Buddhist temples, luxurious shopping joints, exquisite bars & restaurants, lively street markets, and top-notch hotel brands. There is an abundance of sight-seeing sites and the following make up the crème de la crème that you should definitely try out. 

1) The Star Ferry
That name perfectly sums this ferry whose origins date all the way back to 1880. Seemingly simple-looking on the outside, the strongest selling point of the Star Ferry lies not in its appearance but the ride itself. It offers precious minutes of adventure scouring around the enchanting waters of the island of Hong Kong giving passengers excellent views of a city that can be described as utterly beautiful. 

2) Temple Street Night Market
An essential part of the Hong Kong experience, you’ve not toured the city right if you’ve not stopped at a night market to haggle over prices and the Temple Street Night Market is among the city’s very best and fiercest. From traditional Chinese food to souvenirs and trinkets, there’s nothing you won’t find across the stalls that sandwich the street.

3) Victoria Peak
Like the Eiffel Tower to France, so too is Victoria Peak’s importance and popularity to this alluring city. A view atop “The Peak” is second to nowhere else in the city offering you a position among cloud-piercing skyscrapers and a skyline that you can gaze into all day. It’s arguably the most instagrammable part of the city with it providing the backdrop to thousands of selfies every day. 

4) The Symphony of Lights
Holding the title of the planet’s largest sound and permanent light display, the Symphony of Lights is in the Guinness World Book of Records for its eccentric displays. With calm waters separating 40 buildings that come alive with tantalizing patterns and laser beams, it makes a worthy contender for the eighth wonder of the world. The place to be for the display is Victoria Harbor and the time to be there is from 8 pm.

5) Man Mo Temple
You can also finally get a firsthand perspective of those ancient religious dwellings you see in old Chinese flicks and Man Mo Temple along Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan is just the place to get started. The temple is a dedication to the god of war Mo Tai and the god of literature Man Cheong and is consequently never lacking in students seeking success for upcoming exams.

6) Wan Chai Heritage Trail
Red light district reputation aside, Wan Chai offers a history-packed neighborhood encompassing famous places such as Wan Chai Market, Park Tai Temple, and the Blue House. It was once a British R&R port and as such it has retained some of that alluring architecture from the past.

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to visit a native parlor for a taste in the revered art of traditional Chinese relaxation. If you'd like, you can even order an outcall Hong Kong massage to ensure the services come to you without any inconveniences. It’s the perfect therapy after a tiring day of adventure around the city.


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