Best Manufacturer and Distributor HVLS fan in India

Best Manufacturer and Distributor HVLS fan in India

 HVLS Fan 

HVLS fan stands for High Volume Low-Speed fan, true to its name this large ceiling fan forces high volume of air at a low speed. The reason behind its low speed is to avoid turbulent air flow. The high volume circulation of air equally distributes it over a large surface area. They are wall mounted or pole mounted as per the convenience. Its design follows the same principle of traditional ceiling fans but the only difference is, HVLS fan's airflow can cover up to 15000 sq. feet.

This means it can replace around 10 to 20-floor fans or smaller ceiling fans. They have a diameter greater than 7 feet and run at a high-speed RPM. To regulate its airflow setting, this industrial fan comes with a variable speed controller. They work well irrespective of summer or winter, with the help of anodized fan blades to prevent them from corrosion effectively. The standard height for hanging the HVLS fans is about 3 feet from the ceiling as they need huge space above them to push forth the air to the ground and function properly.

If you are interested in buying the best ceiling fans in India or the best HVLS fans India then the Fan Studio is the right place. We are a pioneer among the industrial fan manufacturers in India and have been running successfully since 1958.


Where are these Large Ceiling Fan Used?


These industrial ceiling fans are the best ceiling fans in India. Such fans can be found in the place where there is a uniformed and distributed need of airflow over a large surface area. These are the venues where HVLS fans India are used:

  • Hangars

  • Processing facilities

  • Warehouses

  • Public transit lobbies

  • Distribution centers

  • Large restaurants and bars

Apart from the above list, there are lots of other places where you can use these best ceiling fans in India. To know more contact the Fan Studio, one of the best fan manufacturers in India.

Benefits of using Fan Studio HVLS Fans India:

If you are choosing HVLS fans from our reputed Fan Studio, one of the best industrial fan manufacturers in India. This fan generates the airflow along the direction of the floor which emits in a particular direction, flowing in a horizontal manner, until it reaches a wall. The continuous spinning of the fan keeps generating convection like air currents. Successful hot air is removed by the rising air circulation, hot, humid air and is exchanged with the help of air drier. The result is a continuous, quiet and an even distribution of breeze with a speed of 3 to 5 mph across big spaces with a good amount of cooling effect on the occupants with a temperature of 10 degrees Fahrenheit. On the contrary, HVLS fans push the warm air to the floor from the ceiling. So trust you and we will provide you the best ceiling fans in India.

Performance of HVLS fans India:

The management cost is quite cheaper because the fan is equipped with a Nord high-efficiency gearbox and motor.

Aerofoil Blade based design with an angle of 27 degrees provides excellent air flow thrust and rate

Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) can be linked easily with the help of VFD.

Tapered fan blades with the help of uniform distribution of air.


All the components are ensured to be safe. In case of all the fasteners/ Steel En 10025/ 35 mm Motor Dia- 90 for the Structure and Chassis/GI Wire Ropes with extra PVC coating/ M 14 Bolts for Structure and Chassis etc.

All the significant components are equipped with Secondary Anti- Fall Safety Systems.

a. Hub – Unique Z Brackets for anti-fall

b. Structure – Secondary Wire rope for locking the building structure

c. Blades – Blade fixed with Wire Ropes

Reliability and Durability:

  • High grade and high-quality usage of 6061 T6 Aluminium Alloy for the Aerofoil Blades

  • Wire ropes coated with a PVC and GI coating

  • Hot Dip Galvanization of 12 mm thick grade steel for the protecting the best ceiling fans in India from corrosion.

  • A gearbox and an IP 55 motor have synthetic oil and VFD from NORD. German-based global leaders in Transmission Technology. Due to the above reasons, it is quite obvious that the Fan Studio has earned a name among the leading fan manufacturing companies in India.



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