Best neighborhoods in Chicago for young professionals

Best neighborhoods in Chicago for young professionals

Young people all over the world move in search of the best place to settle down. They need better opportunities, well-paid jobs, and society opened for development. For that reason, it is not unusual for young people, especially young professionals to relocate their homes from their birthplace to some other city, or even some other country. Their readiness to change something in order to get a better job or generally a better life goes beyond conventional beliefs that there is only one place that can be called home. And, indeed, there are many spots in the world that can offer a lot. One of them is, for sure, Chicago. So, if this is your choice, and you are willing to meet something new, we can help. These are some of the best neighborhoods in Chicago for young professionals:

  • Lincoln Park
  • Lakeview
  • Wicker Park
  • River North

See Lincoln Park - one of the most wanted neighborhoods

Lincoln Park is one of the nicest neighborhoods in the Chicago area. It is very popular among family people, but also among the young perspective professionals. There are many reasons for this, though. It is true that this neighborhood has a lot to offer to its residents. However, some of its huge advantages are spacious green areas available for everyone. So, if you are a nature lover, and you love spending time outside walking, running, or just enjoying the natural beauties, Lincoln Park is the best place for you. But, that's not all! For animal lovers, this neighborhood has something more to offer. There is a beautiful Lincoln Park Zoo, and guess what, the entrance is free!

But, to be sure that the social entertainment has not been left out, there is more. Lincoln Park, one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago for young professionals, offers a range of good restaurants, bars, museums, and shopping areas for everyone's needs. So, if you fit into this way of life, don't miss the chance. Hire a reliable moving company like US Moving Experts Chicago, and make the first step into the new life.

Lakeview - the nice and affordable one

Are you a young professional in constant motion? Do you always need some excitement and entertainment? Well, we have a perfect place, where you can start your new life. Check out Lakeview, one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago a young professional can choose. Buy a flat or a house there, and design or redesign it to fit all your needs. The reason this hood is so popular among the young is the number of bars, restaurants, and clubs where there is always something to do for everyone. Some of the bars and restaurants are even more interesting because they are inspired and decorated in the sport spirt, and thus more cozy for the real sports lovers.

Yet another proof that the entertainment is all-present in Lakeview are numerous street festivals organized during the summertime. The blocks are full of joy and all the members of the community can take part in it. And, when it comes to holiday periods, the streets of Lakeview will definitely leave you breathless and evoke the real festive atmosphere wherever you move in the hood. In addition to all of this, you would have no worries about transportation, since the public transit in this neighborhood is well-organized.

Wicker Park - one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago for young professionals

This culturally rich neighborhood in Chicago has been for years one of the most attractive places not only for artists but also for young professionals all over the world. Therefore, if you are a young ambitious person who wants to find a perfect place in Chicago for both having a good life and starting a business, Wicker Park may be a place for you.

It is considered to be a very trendy area to live in. And to satisfy the needs of the highly cultured people that have found their place in this neighborhood, it is full of small bars, coffee places, and excellent outdoor restaurants. But, that is not all the entertainment you can get here. If you are more like the nightlife type of person, this hood is the one where you can find the best places to go out with your friends in Chicago.

When it comes to everyday life and finding a home here, the accommodation is various. You can choose from the 19th-century houses to the contemporary apartments. And if you are more like traveling on foot person, this is a perfect place for you. Everything you will need is close and can be easily reached. What's more, this area counts as one of the safe ones to roam around on foot.

River North - a nice place for workaholics

And finally, for the workaholic young professionals, who plan to work long hours, and have a good and well-payed job, here is a suggestion. Settle down in Chicago's neighborhood called River North. This is a classy, urban area. An energetic hood that is definitely worth seeing. However, the real reason why most of the young professionals choose this area for life is its convenience. Namely, it is proximately close to the Loop, all train stations, and a range of great restaurants. And nightlife bars and clubs are not missing either. But, for those who prefer living a quiet life, there are also plenty of calm streets, parks, and fancy restaurants to visit on a daily basis.


Finding a good living place is really a big deal. And in the search for the best neighborhoods in Chicago for young professionals, the variety of options is huge. In order to make a good decision, everyone needs an insight into his or her needs and wishes. With no rush and no pressure. And a piece of good, friendly advice is always helpful. Thus, we generously offer some here. Now it's your turn to choose the best one. Good luck!

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