Bootstrapping Tips to Take Your EDDM Endeavor to the Next Level

Bootstrapping Tips to Take Your EDDM Endeavor to the Next Level

EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail Marketing is the process of sending promotional postcards or folded mailers door to door based on a particular zip code or neighborhood of your choice. All you have to do is to target your audience based on what you want to achieve and how quickly.

However, to gain customers through Every Door Direct Marketing requires much calculation. Without a proper calculation of figures, opting for this may not bring out a profitable result.

EDDM response rates apparently vary from 1% to 4%. And among all the people who respond, half of ultimately convert into loyal customers.

Let us find out how many postcards or folded mailers you need to send out in order to gain 10 new customers.

  • With a usual response rate between 1% and 4%, let us consider an average of 2% for our EDDM.

          So, if we are planning to gain 10 new customers, taking the total number of postcards or folded mailers as ‘x’:

          We find, total number of respondents = 2% of x = 2x/100

          Total number of customer converts = Half of total number of respondents = 50% of 2x/100 = x/100

          According to our calculation,

          x/100= 10(number of customers we need to gain, as considered earlier)

          => x= 1000

  • So, we find that in order to gain 10 new customers, you require 1000 EDDM postcards or folded mailers.

Now that we know the approx. number of mailers you need in order to gain 10 new customers; Here are 4 steps to help you carry out your Every Door Direct Marketing.

  • Step 1- Aim your targets (Duration- 30 mins)

This step requires you to target the specific area via their zip codes. You can use the EDDM Online Tool provided by the U.S. Postal Service to find out the zip codes of the places you need to send your mailers to. This will make your targeting easier and help you know the exact number of EDDM mailers you need.

Affordable Printing Services providers sell EDDM postcards and folded mailers at affordable wholesale prices without compromising on quality. This helps you to save more and gain more.

  • Step 2- Designing your EDDM material (Duration- 60 mins)

This plays an important role in showing your professionalism. Make your postcards or mailers look elegant with readable fonts and offers (if necessary). Do not forget to add your company’s logo as this is what your customers will recognize primarily. Good paper stock is also essential as it reflects your company’s professional attitude.

Every door direct mail printing services online have lots of design templates for you to choose from. Opt for one that you think best reflects your company’s personality.

  • Step 3- Printing Matter (7 Days)

Decide upon the paper stock, the quantity which will decide the turnaround time. The standard time for production by High Quality Printing Services is 3 days, while the standard turnaround time is 4 days. This brings it to a total of 7 days.

  • Step 4- To post office, and beyond (Duration- 30 mins to 1 hour)

Once your every door direct mail materials arrive, send them to the post office. It usually takes a few days for the post office to deliver your material to your targeted area.

As evident, you can easily begin your EDDM or Every Door Direct Marketing campaign in 2 to 3 hours and your promotional material will be delivered to your target area in a week.

EDDM or Every Door Direct Marketing is an effective way to target a particular area or neighborhood for your business promotion. High-quality EDDM postcards and mailers are now provided by every door direct mail printing service providers at affordable prices which makes opting for this promotional method even more useful and effective.

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