Boxes with handles are more reliable to keep in hands

Boxes with handles are more reliable to keep in hands


Custom boxes with handles are made up of paperboard, cardboard, kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard, depending on the strength and the thickness required by the company for the product. These boxes are used for packaging of all type of products from cosmetics to food and gift items. To give an attractive look to these boxes, customization in the shapes, sizes, and designs are done. Use of colors that represent the company and prints, patterns, or necessary information like brand name or logo is designed in the most stylish way to enhance the appearance of the boxes with laminations and foiling.


How does it feel like losing a packaging box from the hand and seeing all your precious products shattering in front of your eyes?


The functionality of packaging boxes is as important as the appearance of the boxes. Coming back to the sole purpose of packaging, it is clearly visible that no matter how impressively a packaging is designed, it is of no use if it cannot keep the product safe.



Packaging & customization

The world has been developing without any stop or pause in every field that could benefit mankind or improve the presentation of things. With the advancement in the technology, availability of the resources, and changed society needs and trends, the packaging industry has evolved to a whole new level. Latest and state of the art printing and die-cutting techniques have made it possible for the customers and companies to get the packaging of their choice.

Increased competition in brands that come up with new products each day with their amazing innovative packaging has given rise to a never-ending challenge to come up with a type of packaging for the products that not only are attractive but functional. Packaging helps in developing a strong brand image of the company from the start. Expressive packaging that connects to the customers on a deeper level and creates an affiliation with the product goes a long way in keeping the loyalty of the customers.

It is not possible to be noticed unless you have something unique to offer to the customers. Customization has solved all the packaging problems of the companies with its unmatchable and mind-blowing tricks and techniques like;


Unique shapes

You say it, and they give it to you. Customization companies offer all the type of shapes to its customers that go with the product rather than being a boring brown typical box.

Window cut boxes

Flip open boxes

Magnetic closure boxes Gable boxes

Handle boxes

Display boxes

Cylindrical boxes

Telescope boxes

Neck boxes

Pillow boxes



Size that matter

You are not bound to fit every type of product in the same standard box regardless of the size of a product or if it fits or just keep rolling here and there in the box. A cardboard box can be given any size from the smallest to the largest because of the flexibility of paperboard. It is also possible because of die-cutting techniques.


Intricate designs

Latest printing machines are capable of imprinting all kind of designs and patterns, logos, company name, and information on the box in a way that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the box.


Additional finish

Lamination, foiling, and embossing or debossing are different techniques that give a luxurious look to the boxes in the most affordable rates. Custom boxes laminated in glossy or matte gives a polished finish to the boxes. Metallic foiling for the text, patterns, or outlines makes statement boxes that depict all the sophistication and delicacy.


Handle boxes

Boxes with handle are proved to be the most durable and reliable when it comes to the safety of the product in all the ways like packing, shipping, and handling while on the move.

You are not bound to get a particular type of box to have a handle. Cardboard is a miraculous material that can be molded in any shape and size.



Type of handle boxes

1.    Window cut handle boxes

These boxes have cutouts on the sides or at the top that are used to hold the box feasibly

2. Boxes with additional handles

The other kind of handles are the ones that are attached to the box when its complete like putting jute handles, rope, ribbon, or solid metallic handles.

Both of these boxes are strong and sturdy in nature that can keep the products safe and are shock or bend-proof.



What makes these boxes reliable?

Cutout holes on the boxes not only facilitate the handling but also give a secure closing of the boxes.

 These boxes are made up of corrugated cardboard most of the time that gives a secure interlocking of the tabs.

 Handle boxes are easy to carry along with other stuff.

Strong grip of the boxes avoids falling and slipping from the hand.

All high-quality and responsible packaging is no expensive, especially when it comes to custom cardboard packaging boxes. It is the most sustainable, economical, and trendy packaging solution available in the market. You can create a stunning handle box packaging that will grab customers’ attention instantly with its premium printing and gain customers’ loyalty because of its durability.




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