Buying vs. Renting an iPad for Business Events: Which is the Better Option?

Buying vs. Renting an iPad for Business Events: Which is the Better Option?

Technology has advanced greatly over the years in terms of business practices. Before the wide ranging use of smartphones, laptops, tablets and other portable devices, the entirety of your business would be on paper. Not only was this extensive use of paper leading to the depletion of environmental resources, but it was also leading to disarray.

With the rapid change in portable devices that could multitask as well as the need to cut down on our use of paper products, businesses took a shift from traditional documentation techniques. Soon any records or files were found on hard drives and in softcopy form. Fax went out of the traditional office space and printers were seldom used. This was further elevated with the introduction of the iPad. 

Besides being state of the art, iPads are pretty expensive. A new iPad will cost around $800 and the lowest price you can get one will be about a hundred dollars less than this. People, however, keep on purchasing iPads for commercial ventures. With features like video conferencing, using voice control, making phone calls and sending texts, the iPad also acts as a portable TV set and has wholly replaced the use of laptops for business events. 

While the iPad is definitely a good choice due to its functionality and accessibility, it does not exactly warrant the high price that comes with the purchase. There is a major benefit that comes with hiring this device for a day or even a week rather than buying a new one. 

Your business event is not a lifetime commitment. The event will most likely last a month at the longest. For you to buy iPads for a crew of team members along with managing the other costs of the event would be a setback. You will need this device for meetings, presentations, shows and any other kind of organized planning. Thus, renting an iPad instead for a few days of use is a cost effective way of making sure your business is giving its all in terms of quality and service. 

Should You Buy an iPad:

Apple has sold their tablets for many years now to happy and satisfied customers. If you want something that will essentially act as both a smartphone and a laptop that can be taken everywhere, then you should buy an iPad. But if you are a company that is holding a seminar or a special event you will also want the best technology to be a part of it. With the alarming costs that new iPads have brought upon the market and the other technicalities to consider, businesses will find that this negatively affects their budgets and does not come out of company profits later on.  Should You Rent an iPad?If you are considering whether to rent an iPad for your meetings and seminars you should be aware of the challenges this eradicates and how it is essentially saving you time, effort and money. Once you rent your iPad you will be able to pair them with apps for booking tickets, consulting guest lists, facilitating a fundraiser and even linking to printers and scanners in case of emergencies. 


Here is why you should consider renting an iPad rather than buying one for your business event:


The Price Factor

The most important thing you consider when you think about renting is the cost of the iPad. While the retail price of a new iPad on the market can go up to $800, you can instead rent one for as little as $6. From $6-10 per day you can rent multiple iPads for the event, get your use out of them, and then return them to the agency at the end of the occasion. This will not disturb your finance department and make sure things run smoothly.


Test Drive before Use

Before you even rent the iPad you can undergo a beta test. This will allow you to assess its quality and features to note if it is good enough for your event, or even for later use. A test drive will make clear what you require from the device and what it can provide you. Most iPad rental agencies allow their clients to see if the choice is good enough for them and then proceed with the renting process.


Short Term but Large Scale

Buying more than ten iPads for one event is just not feasible. With the low pricing of rentals you can utilize this short term use provided by the iPads to make a large scale difference. Your business will be promoted and the event will be a success, which means future revenue and adding to company profits. Plus, there will be no budgetary decrease from the $80,000 on new tablets.

Other Accessories

A good aspect of the rental iPad is the other accessories it comes with. Almost all rental companies will offer iPad stands, covers, chargers, and any other Bluetooth devices required by your company. These are either included in the cost or can be yours for a reasonable price for a small period of time. With little expense and easy to use access, this proves to be a steal.

High Quality Tablets  

The latest iPads are available to rent. From the iPad Air 3 with their long battery life and high quality resolution to the iPad Pro with its more technical features like the iPencil and dual camera, all are available to rent depending on your needs. From delivery to app installment, all are dealt with as soon as you rent the iPad to make your experience easier.

Free App Installation

If you buy an iPad you will also need to install certain applications from the App Store to run your business. These apps will most likely not be free of cost. Adding to the amount you have already paid in obtaining the tablet, this adds up to a hefty cost that just won’t seem like it’s worth it. However, upon renting an iPad you will find that rental agencies do partake in free app installment plans and packages specifically for your event to mitigate the extra time and money that would be wasted.

Customer Support Services

Not everyone is good at using technology and most of these new devices can be hard to manage if you’re a newbie. Rental agencies will hence offer IT support services that will cater to any emergency or query you have about the device. This customer support usually ends as soon as you purchase an iPad from a local Apple store.

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