Calls Handled By Live Call Answering For Property Management

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Calls Handled By Live Call Answering For Property Management

This is quite a lot to handle efficiently and effectively without assistance. You are bound to end up exhausted to the core at the end of the day. Keep in mind that you are bound to be always incredibly time-barred. Fortunately, enlisting the services of a professional answering service to manage calls in your property management business is a smart idea.  

How an answering agency handles calls for property managers

Automated systems make callers select between various options before speaking to someone. Fortunately, a reputable answering service will have a dedicated team of live agents always ready to handle calls to your office. Customers appreciate talking to a live agent on the phone right away. Professional call operators work 24/7 to ensure that your customers always have someone to answer their calls. 

Calls handled by an answering service 

Distress calls 

When managing apartments with tenants, you have to understand that a lot can happen. Tenants might face electrical, plumbing, and other issues in the units. You need a proactive solution to handle this. This is where apartment answering servicecomes in handy. This ensures that your tenants can call 24/7 to report issues in their units. 

The tenants can easily call the answering service and talk to a live person to report their problems. Compassionate and friendly call agents record tenants’ issues accurately to allow finding an appropriate solution. This allows calling an appropriate technician to come and fix the issue before it escalates and inconveniences the tenant more. Quick response to issues affecting tenants gives them a positive experience to enjoy staying in your apartments. 


It is a wonderful idea to include a reliable number on your marketing material. So, prospective tenants can call the number to get more information regarding available units. This is where outsourcing call answering to professionals is a smart move. The answering service will allocate a team of dedicated call operators to manage all calls to your office. 

This reliable service gives prospective tenants a positive first impression to increase interest in your apartments. So, you are more likely to get leads. Ensure to equip the call agents information regarding your apartments for seamless responses to callers. This ensures that callers get answers to all questions regarding your properties. Equally important is giving the call operators a script to allow consistent customer service experience. 

Appointment scheduling

After getting the necessary information regarding your apartments, the next step is to schedule an inspection. This is necessary to prove whether the property is actually what it is as displayed on the website. So, calling your number and it is busy will mean loss of business. With a team of reliable answering agents, all calls to your office are answered. 

The agents will schedule appointments to view available units seamlessly. Additionally, sitting tenants find it easier to call the customer service numbers to report maintenance issues. The call agents schedule maintenance appointments to fix the issues. Alternatively, the agents reroute calls to your office or appropriate maintenance staff.  

From non-English speakers 

A multicultural environment has people speaking various languages. Your property management company should be prepared to handle everyone regardless of their language. This significantly widens the market base. Achieving this requires a team of multilingual answering agents. Having this team in-house involves various costs. However, a professional answering agency will assign a dedicated team to handle your calls with proficiency in speaking another language apart from English. 

Callers appreciate calling and talking to someone who understands their native language. Bilingual or multilingual call operators give sitting and prospective tenants a chance to air out their grievances encountered in the apartments. This allows gathering appropriate information to make finding the necessary solutions easier. Additionally, talking with callers in their native language builds professional relationships resulting from the positive call experience. 

Other benefits of live answering for apartment management 

     Elevating your company reputation
     Giving customers personalized attention
     Saves your office valuable time 
     Cost-effective compared to managing an in-house team  
     Allows in-office staff to focus on core tasks increasing efficiency

Wrapping up

Property managers are always out in the field on a physical inspection with potential customers or checking properties before listing them. Additionally, your office staff is usually busy with other tasks including working on paperwork. So, there is a risk of leaving your phone unattended to. It is a smart idea to enlist an answering service to ensure all calls to your office are answered 24/7. This allows responding to queries, distress calls, and scheduling appointments.