Cancun: Adequate transportation methods and new advises.

Cancun: Adequate transportation methods and new advises.

In recent years, we have heard about thousands of important events that have occurred in Cancun, as this tourist destination has always given much to talk about.

Cancun is the city with the largest amount of tourism in Mexico, and that is why it has been planned that every inhabitant and visitor to the city should take their necessary precautions to travel safely in terms of transportation methods.


History of transportation and mobility in the city.

Since the beginning of Cancun, the way in which people moved has changed over the years and the needs of each visitor and traveler to this tourist destination.

Since 1974 the taxis are an important part of the city as they came to revolutionize the way people and travelers moved through the streets barely paved, then in the eighties began to arrive some transportation agencies due to the demand that had the travelers and that being a little known destination for many of these reached a large number of people in a group and wanted to offer them safe private transportation services, as they were accustomed in cities such as the United States to receive this type of transport.

In 2007 was inaugurated section 3 of the airport of this city and many agencies both car rental and transport came to make a presence at the airport opening premises for acquisition and access.

In 2017 the section 4 of the airport was inaugurated with what also Uber was incorporated to the market of transport of the city, which was not successful due to the fight that this service provoked between the taxi drivers and the operators of this service, in addition, some citizens who affirmed that to be a foreign agency would cause an enormous damage to the economy of the city, since the public services would be in extinction, reason why in 2018 and 2019 the present year the use of the application was restricted by disagreement of many of the workers and inhabitants.

In the same year 2019, January presented a great decrease of 10% in the entry of tourists to the city in what was predicted as one of the best seasons of the year.

The number of vehicles registered this year was 587,800 cars. In the municipality of Benito Juarez alone there were 290,800 vehicles. Of this total, almost 58% were cars for official use, public or private, and the rest were motorcycles, trucks and cargo and passenger vans, due to the increase in vehicles, transport systems are greatly affected, with the exception of some of the commercial truck routes, such as routes 1 and 2, which provide public service to the hotel zone.


Car  Rental

Car rental service methods in the city have also been quite controversial about which is the best service for all the visitors, although it is still the service most used by tourists in the city and according to some of these the safest method.

For its part, Catalina Gutierrez, general director of operations of City Car Rental Cancun, said that “the safest way to move around the city if you travel on vacation is to rent a car”.

According to 2017-2018 statistics, car rental has increased by up to 15% over previous years and is expected to increase by up to 2% by 2019.


Latest news:

2019 Septiembre

This year we warned the entire community of travelers, visitors and workers in the city to be more cautious when taking a service at the airport without having previously booked a service in a transport agency, as pirate companies have increased insecurity at the destination, so it is recommended to take the necessary measures to avoid such practices.

Thanks to the fall of Thomas Cook's agency many of the agencies that were offering their services in the city have ceased to operate opening the way to new local transporters much more efficient, same that will offer more jobs to each person in the city giving growth opportunity to many inhabitants of Cancun.



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