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Chandrayaan – II mission to south pole of moon

After the change in the action plan to launch the Chandrayaan II in the month of April, and then declared to be launched in the month of July, 2019. The preparation for triggering the launch mission in July,  2019.

The mission is Chandrayaan – II Mission to South Pole of Moon. As per the reports of the past activities done by different countries of the world on the moon, south pole of the moon is virgin till date.  That means no one has ever landed on that side of moon. So it will be a historical moment for India.

Chandrayaan – I was extremely successful mission executed by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). After it ISRO has executed many other satellite missions. The project Chandrayaan – II is totally indigenous project. The execution of Chandrayaan II is set between 9th July to 16th July,  2019. It is a second lunar mission of it’s kind to the moon. 

According to chairman of ISRO Mr. K. Sivan the mission will be executed with the help of launch vehicle GSLV – MK III. It is been planned that the spacecraft will land softly on the south pole of the moon. And if it is executed successfully then will be a significantly historical moment for India as neither of the countries in the world has ever been to this part of the moon. And if happened near by the assumptions then India ISRO will get a chance to name the south pole.

Advantages of the Mission:

  • This mission will be solely executed by India. Which means the whole world will recognize our capabilities.
  • It involves highly advanced technology and equipment to properly functionalize the mission.
  • If the mission will be completed successfully then India will get a chance to name the place on the moon for the first time.
  • This will open a new horizon for India to explore on moon and we will be able to unbox the mysteries of space.
  • The vehicle which is going to be used for this mission is specifically designed with all the latest gadgets and tools installed on it for the security and safety purposes.
  • There are other futuristic space missions which are planned to be executed after the success of the said mission.

The whole world is getting attracted and are interested to be a witness of this great mission to the moon. Although, it is not the only mission which is being planned for the forthcoming years. But ISRO has sequenced 2 more major missions to the moon. Both the missions are manned missions and preparations for these projects have been done already.

Aditya L-1 would be the first manned mission to study the Sun and Gaganyaan. The mission is set to be launched somewhere in the mid of 2020. Although, before the execution of this mission there are 2 more unnamed missions will be executed and these missions will be performed without the presence astronauts. Just to analyze the risk factor on the targeted destinations.

Therefore we can say that not only us but the whole world will be witness of this historical and proud moment. The mission is an indigenous mission and we are going to soft land on the south pole of the moon which is a virgin pole on the moon as of now. None of the countries of the world has ever been to this place. The mission is going to be launched in time as it is planned by ISRO recently. Although, it will not be the only mission of this kind as ISRO has back to back missions in the list for the forthcoming years.



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