Common health problems and their natural remedies

Common health problems and their natural remedies

Common health problems and their natural remedies

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Did you know that the body is designed to heal itself naturally? Well, research shows that given time and best conditions, an ill system can get better no matter the sickness. Natural remedies are useful, and they have zero side effects. Food and exercise, therefore, are the best natural ways for good health.

In this article, we shall focus on common health problems and their natural remedies.

Common cold

Viruses called coronaviruses cause the common cold. They are over 200 viruses. The body, therefore, cannot form a resistance against them all. They cannot be cured but suppressed so, the cold keeps on recurring. It is an infectious disease. It is passed from one person to another through airdrops from a sneeze and physical touch from an infected surface.

Its symptoms are a running nose, sneezing, and blocked nose.

Natural remedies for the common cold 

Stay hydrated. Drink water, fresh juice, broth or honey with lemon water. This remedy will clear the nasal canal and stuffiness from the nose. 

  • Rest and allow your body to heal.

  • Soothe your throat with lime. Add one teaspoon of salt in water and gargle the water after two hours. This remedy helps to soothe the throat. You should avoid sugary foods when you have a cold.

  • Drink warm water and other liquids.


Allergies are caused by a reaction to a foreign substance in your body by the immune system. The elements are not harmful in most cases. These foreign substances are called allergens. Some foods like nuts, pollen grains, and animal fur are some of the allergens. 

Some allergic reactions are seasonal. When weather changes and plants start flowering, allergic people are affected by pollen grains.

Allergic symptoms include; itchy throat, congestion in the nasal canal, itchy eyes, etc. Other symptoms are disfigured face in case of foods. 

Natural remedies for allergies

Add natural plants and foods in your foods that act as antihistamines. Histamines are proteins that cause symptoms of allergies in the body. Antihistamines, therefore suppress allergic reactions.  Antioxidants like quercetin help in reducing the symptoms of allergic foods. Quercetin is present in foods like apples, broccoli, grapes, green tea, berries, and buckwheat tea. 

Microorganisms like probiotics intake boost the immune system, which in turn helps fight allergies. 


Bloating is a condition that is a swollen stomach. Causes are excess gas produced in the stomach. This swelling causes discomfort in the movement of the stomach muscles. This bloating causes pain and stiffness. It’s caused by the food we eat which our bodies are intolerant to and indigestion. It is caused by a lot of food intake, chewing gum, and smoking cigarettes. 

Symptoms of blotting are harmless and are easy to treat from home.  

Natural remedies 

Chew food finely. Chewing food longer reduces the amount of air swallowed, which is a cause of bloating. Lightly chewed food causes indigestion which is one of the causes of bloating. 

Peppermint tea reduces symptoms of bloating. Research shows that peppermint stimulates the body to secrete gastric juices and bile, which increases the digestion of food. These stomach juices ensure that all indigested foods in the body are digested. These biles remove gas from the body. Artichoke leaf extract also has the same effect on the stomach. 

Psyllium is a natural plant which is a laxative. If your body is bloated because of constipation, it helps relieve it. It contains a soluble fiber that forms a gel when it gets into contact with body fluids. These aspects, therefore, help to manage the digestive system. 

Cook your food with turmeric. Turmeric is a natural plant, which contains a compound known as curcumin. It stimulates the body to secrete enzymes that help in the proper digestion of food. Learn More from Dr roni 

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