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Common orthopaedic problems that should not be overlooked

The famous saying, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is known to everyone but a few follow this  and that is one of the reason thousands of our body ailments such as hip and kneww problems.

Owing to the busy lifestyle, we tend to forget that it is equally important to focus on a healthy lifestyle as well as our personal & professional life. 

If left undiagnosed or untreated, common orthopaedic may lead to long-term ailments and can even result in life-long deformity of your bones.

Orthopedic is defined as any pain or problems in muscles, joints and ligaments. Earlier, it’s only middle-aged people who got affected by orthopaedic problems, but in today’s time, children and adolescents are more prone to orthopaedic issues though exercise and a healthy lifestyle are crucial to maintaining good orthopaedic health for the longevity of your life.

It is essential to not ignore any signs of physical pain by making sure you see the best orthopaedic doctor in Bangkok to nip the cause of that pain in the bud. Some activities that can maximize your orthopaedic health on the go are brisk walking, taking stairs instead of elevators and outdoor games. 

Common Orthopedic Problems:

There are many orthopaedic problems that it is likely to miss a few names even if we decide to list all of them. Fortunately, the treatment of almost every problem is possible, and most of them are curable. Some common orthopaedic issues are listed below:

Back pain 

1 out of 10 people suffers from chronic back pain which renders it difficult for them to perform daily activities. It could be persistent and nagging pain in your lower back while you are sitting or doing any other activity. It could hinder your mobility and can be severe. You can go to the best orthopaedic doctor in Bangkok or in your area to get releief this ailment.  

Accidental Causes 

To ensure better health of your joints, muscles and bones, be very careful of how you do things as one little mistake can lead to immobility or deformed body part. Fractures are a good way to overcome any of your accidental bone, ligaments injury.


Arthititis is a disease whose cause is yet known and makes it difficult to understand the what precautions one can take to prevent it. The symptoms generally include pain, swelling, limited movement, etc. Here’s a shocking thing- every person experiences some arthritis at one point of their lives. Be proactive to detect it in an early stage by visiting the best orthopaedic doctor in Bangkok whenever you experience any pain or numbness in any joint.

Degenerative Joint Disease

This is a severe disease that causes inflammation in joints experienced by middle-aged or older adults. It is mainly experienced in the hands, knees, spine or hips. This is very painful and mostly diagnosed when it becomes unbearable and incurable. This is also generally known as osteoarthritis. 

Maintain Good Orthopedic Health:

With a healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet, you can be fit and inhibit orthopaedic problems. Here are a few tips that can help you achieve good orthopaedic health:

Wear Comfortable Shoes: Feet can be the first thing that gets affected as we are always on the go and our feet. It is imperative to invest in comfy shoes.

Maintain a healthy weight: Obesity is the root cause of all the problems. Make sure you exercise daily and eat a proper diet to avoid any orthopaedic issues.

Stretch while you are at work: Office hours require us sitting for a long stretch, and that can degrade our posture and can be the leading cause of joint pain.

Don’t sit in one position for long: It is essential to either walk or performs stretching exercises after every couple of hours to avoid the pain in joints caused by sitting or lying in one position. 

Go for regular checkups: As we mentioned, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, by going for regular checkups, you can detect any problems before it worsens. 

Orthopaedic problems hamper movement as well as appearance. When not discovered for long, orthopaedic problems last a lifetime and get worse. To avoid the extremities, make sure you visit the best orthopaedic doctor in Bangkok and ensure the health of your joints.

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