Complement your gardening blog website with WordPress mobile app

Complement your gardening blog website with WordPress mobile app

Technology has been shaping our lives since ages. The advent of mobile apps is one such technological revolution that is influencing our day to day lives. M-Commerce is rapidly taking over as people are more drawn to apps than websites.

The blogging universe is not alien to these changes. The popularity of e-readers and news apps confirms that people prefer apps for reading as it offers ease and convenience. If you run a gardening know-how blog, then this is the best time for you to complement your website with an app.

Read further and know how you can easily achieve this business feat with affordable and convenient WordPress mobile app builder tools available online.

Aid your hobby with technology  

As lives are becoming isolated and busier, more people are turning towards gardening. It is not just a great hobby, but also a great refuge that ensures peace of mind and tranquillity. 

However, not everybody is a ‘know it all’ when it comes to taking care of our green-guardians. Thus, gardening blogs are gaining immense popularity and plant-lovers are constantly in pursuit of good content to turn their confined spaces into green paradise.

By converting your WordPress website to app, you can get the following benefits:

1. Charm your existing subscribers by offering ease & convenience

2. Cultivate the benefits of mobile app-based marketing

3. Attract new users who prefer apps for reading & interacting

4. Gain a competitive edge by offering unique & creative content

5. Uplift user experience by offering faster & easier access

6. Enhance communication and reach targeted users in no time

7. Boost brand identity & recall value with presence in users phone

Proceed with a smart strategy  

As a blogger with a dedicated reader base, you must ensure viable features in your app that aid and boost your performance. A smart strategy, as discussed below, can help you make the most of your investment:

1. Affordability & Quality: Look for an app builder with flexible plans and competitive price range. However, do not compromise on quality. Settle only for a fully functional native app as it is the best in terms of quality and functionality.

2. Engaging UI/UX: An amazing user interface ensures amazing user experience and helps retain subscribers. Compelling features like easy navigation, smart action buttons, smooth landing pages & screens and appealing design & layout help in keeping your users tied to your app.

3. Content Marketing Support: The importance of content intensifies when it comes to blogging apps. Get an app with in-built content marketing support features like creation and management of push notifications and more. Expand your reach and get more conversions.

4. Personalized Appeal: The app must be in sync with your website and reflect the identity of your brand. It boosts your brand recall value and ensures a feeling of belongingness for your existing users.

5. Intuitive Dashboard: The tool must have an intuitive dashboard and builder-friendly features. Tooltips and tutorials must come in handy at every crucial step. Above all, it should be safe and quick.

6. Free Preview: Before you proceed to pay and upgrade to publish your app for your users, you must be content with what you’ve built. Thus, get an app builder that comes with a free preview feature and allows you to test your fully built mobile app on a real device. It will help you get a first-hand user experience that your readers are about to receive.

7. Easy Publishing: An app builder with complicated tools and complex publishing process is a turn-off. Assure value for time, money and effort and get an app builder that comes with easy publishing feature. Go for an app builder with other add-on features that ensure post-launch support and enjoy the icing on the cake.

Ready, steady, build!  

By now, you are certainly aware of the approach you must have for building an app. Fetch a WordPress app builder that ensures all the features and qualities discussed above.

Gain more ground than your competitors and become the go-to source for all plant lovers out there. Build and launch your fully functional premium mobile app and mesmerize your readers. Get going now!

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