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Conduct Exam Using Offline Examination software for Improve Education system

Conduct Exam Using Offline Examination software for Improve Education system

Conduct exam in your labs - No internet required

An individual human has gone through multiple exams in their entire phase of life. The examination is a necessary process for every stage and sector. Since the examination system works for the sack to test the persons' knowledge and skills in any field. Traditionally the exams were conveyed with the aid of paper, classroom, and pen. Due to enhance in the modernization of the county, there is a new approach invented that is an online examination system to conduct the exam.

As the science and technology sector has grown immensely the visibility of a computer-based environment is more cherished by teachers and students in the current decade. The online exam portal is designed similarly to the traditional method but they are not paper-based. The online exam system requires the students some amenities like a computer device, browser, and a good internet connection speed. Hence internet connection throughout the exam is an essential feature for conveying an online exam system, therefore interrupt in internet connection will ruin the whole examination purpose. So to overcome this drawback of the online examination software offline examination system is been framed.

Due to its popularity, the institutions have started accepting the concept of the offline exam system. The organization will require the computer system for every individual student personally in a lab. Offline exam software is launched in them and is a real-time examination system. It is very convenient for the educator to provide the question paper just by one click and uploading onto the system swiftly.

Online and offline have become quite popular due to its flexible and convenient nature towards the educator and examinee. The offline exam software is similarly to online exam software but there is no requirement of internet connection throughout the examination. They are an independent desktop application that needs to be installed on each exam taker system. The offline exam system will not be centralized connected, they will work independently. There are plenty of software developed by experts to aid the offline examination software.

Advantages of offline exam software

The offline exam portal is designed considering the effectiveness of the exam.

  • The offline examination software will be a step ahead of modernization. Online exam software will make use of computers and will increase awareness of students towards technology.

  • Offline examination systems are economically friendly to the students as they do not need to have their device and internet. Students can go to their institutions and take using offline assessment software. Hence it will reduce students' expenses.

  • The offline exam portal requires the student to book their slots before the exam to be taken. The booking slot will help them to assign their center and the hall ticket will be generated.

  • As the offline exam system will be conducted in the same lab the supervisor can supervise the students thoroughly and keep an eye on them. This is not quite possible in the online exam system.

  • The document verifications and eligibility test can be performed with ease as all the candidates will gather at the same place. Thus there is high security and fewer chances of fake identity.


Disadvantages of offline exam software

As every coin has two sides similarly there are disadvantages also in offline exam software.

  • The offline exam system is slower compared to the online exam system.

  • It will not provide data with more accuracy and will take time to analyze the data and acquiring the result.

  • Offline exam portals do not provide the e-note or any study material. Students have to consume time mode search the resources to study.

  • Students need to migrate from their place to the lab or center to take the exam. The teachers also have to be present in the lab and supervise the students at the same time. Thus this makes offline examination software time consuming and costly.

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